Offering You the Top Silver Jewellery Trends of 2017

Fashion can be fickle, and this is no better seen than when we look at the world of jewellery. While 2016 brought us many new trends and even more statement pieces, there is no doubt that 2017 has a lot more twists and turns in store for the world of trendy jewellery.

One of the biggest trends sweeping into 2017 is the resurgence of silver jewellery – in all of its many wonderful forms. Whether you wear your silver to emphasize your strongest features, accent your weakest ones, or just add a dash of style to your outfits, here are the top trends to look for in the following year:

Unleash Your Inner Animal: While silver jewellery and diamond animals in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings swept into style during periods of 2016, the animalistic motif will find a much stronger hold on fashion trends in 2017. Whether it is a sleek, slender snake wrapping up your arm, or around your neck, unleashing your inner animal with silver, and diamond jewellery is going to keep you on top of the fashion world in 2017.

Boho is Back: While snakes may not be for everybody, jewellery trends in 2017 does have a little something for everybody. What once was old-fashioned is new and hip, again. Boho-styled headbands, flowers, multi-coloured fabrics and silver chains are all the rage with the Boho inspired trends you will see in 2017.

Vive La Resistance: With inspirations running as deep as the streets of Versailles, this trend is full of rich, decorative silver lines that play like the art that lines the walls of Chateau de Versailles but with a modern, modest twist. While this sleek look may not be for everyday wear, it is perfect to add to your evening wear collection

It is of course, always difficult to predict what the outcome of the trends will be. We cannot predict the future. However, we can always speculate. Usually our speculations do come true. So keep your eye out for any boho style jewellery. We are really excited to see animals being a big trend. Snakes in silver jewellery always look stunning. We see bigger animals coming into trends as well. Tigers, bears, elephants have always been big. Excuse the pun. These are the creatures that make an outfit go from one level to the next. A lot of people neglect their accessories but they really do make all the difference.

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We will always look for suppliers who use sustainable resources and fair trade policies.

We want to make a difference to our industry by researching, designing and sourcing the best quality products and selling them at fair prices. We aim to earn the trust of our customers, so that they know we will get them the best deals and operate in an ethical way.


Choose Spray Tanning for smooth, glowing skin

Are you looking for the most glamorous, deep tan in a safe and efficient manner? The best solution is a spray tan. Spray tanning is much safer and offers a better looking result, than exposing your beautiful skin to the sun’s harmful ray. At Gotham Glow, there is absolutely nothing that will separate you from the perfect tan. Since there are varieties of options to choose from, this is intended to guide you in making the right choice to help you bring your dreams of having a smooth, glowing skin to reality.

Spray tans also come with a lot benefits and are considered a perfect choice for people of all ages, including young and old. Listed below are some of the benefits of spray tanning.


If you reside in an area where it’s usually rainy and cloudy, or you live in a location with extreme winter conditions, then you should consider using spray tanning. With a spray tan, you don’t have to go outside and labor in the sun for hours. By so doing, you will avoid the harmful rays of the sun on your skin which can result into several health issues including sunburn, wrinkles, premature aging and even cancer.

Even tans

Most of the time, getting a tan direct from sunlight offers uneven result due to the different angles the sun rays hit your body. This will result into one side of the body getting darker than the other. As a matter of fact, some parts of your skin may have not tanned at all, adding to a very uneven look. A spray tan is all you need to get all parts of your body evenly tan looking. Especially if you plan to wear an off the shoulder dress, spray tanning is great for blending already existing tan lines and or created an even, beautiful glow. You can also decide to layer the spray for the right shade you that’s suited for the occasion. It does not always have to look like you’ve been on a tropical vacation.

Regular part of grooming

Spray tanning is fast and easy and offers high quality result, hence its increasing popularity. So many people in different parts of the world are now making spray tanning a part of their daily grooming routines. Due to the safety of spray tan, people are choosing the best way to maintain a gorgeous glow.  With spray tans, people now feel sexier, more confident, and beautiful, not to mention younger, with their new glowing skin. If you’re on a budget, you can keep your tan in well maintained throughout the year by opting for a salon that offers packages.

Once you have an idea on what you need and the tones which suit your skin and the occasion, it will be less difficult to make an ideal choice.

The Basics of Seed Beads: When to Use Czech Seed Beads and Japanese Seed Beads

Beading projects have long been a favorite past time and hobby of many craft lovers and art enthusiasts all over the world. Small as they are, beads posses a unique beauty which allows them to further enhance any type of project. The seed beads are one of the most popular types of beads that you can find today. Seed beads have also been categorized into different kinds, which include the Czech seed beads and Japanese seed beads. But, out of these two, which one should you use for the beading project you have in mind?

Traditional Czech Seed Bead – The Best Friend of Every Bead Embroiderer

For the longest time, the Czech Republic has been widely known and acclaimed for their production of high quality and beautiful glass seed beads which are perfect for the modern bead embroidery projects. The Czech seed bead has notably bigger hole which makes it easier to go through it using your thread for several times. These beads have a consistent circumference of 2.2mm although their width can vary a bit, which will let you choose the beads and were you want them to go. This way, your beads are going to lie beautifully in the exact spot where they belong with no need for them to crowd one another.

The Czech seed bead is famous in the traditional bead work of Native America, a place where the perfectly uniform beads will look completely out of place.

These beads are versatile with lots of bead weavers being delighted by these small beauties. If you would like to make a strong statement, an entire bracelet or necklace made from the Czech seed beads alone is going to look stunning.

Finally, the Czech seed bead can make a wonderful fringe and can also work well in the form of spacer beads. The 11/0 Czech seed beads wholesale are the top favorite of many and are considered as a staple for all beaders.

Japanese Seed Beads – The Loomers’ Lovelies

The Matsuno and Miyuki are high quality types of Japanese seed beads which are in demand due to their uniformity and consistency of circumference and size. You can look forward to the fact that all of the machine-cut beads bear the same size. If you are planning to work on looming or netting, the Japanese seed beads are exactly what you need. These can also work well for all bead weaving projects wherein your beads will need to sit close to one another and are also ideal for cross stitching.

The newest type of Japanese seed beads are the Toho Hex beads. These are ideal if you would like to have some additional interest and texture. You can use these in the same way that you use the Miyuki and Matsuno since these are also uniform. These seed beads bear a precise cut of 6 sides and of hexagonal shape and are a real must have for every beader. These also have consistent sizes and can add interest and texture in all beading media, from stringing to beading, looming, weaving and beyond.

3 Ways to Shop for the Perfect Women’s Boots

When it comes to women’s footwear, boots are considered to be among the most difficult to shop for. This is because while you have limited options in terms of material, structure and design, you still have a lot to consider when buying a pair of boots from Lazada Singapore. Unlike other types of footwear, boots are worn only during specific occasions, even if you intend to be unique in terms of fashion and style.

The good news is, once you have a pair of boots at hand, it becomes easier to mix and match your other wardrobe pieces. This is mainly because this type of footwear is designed to be versatile and capable of complementing whatever outfit you chose to wear for the day.

But how do you find the perfect women’s boots? Below are 3 useful ways you may want to keep in mind:

  1. Settle for a boot length.

Boots come in different lengths, with the most common ones being ankle booties, calf-length, and knee-high. It really depends on your fashion choices as to how you are going to select the right boot length; if you think you will be wearing boots frequently then you may settle with knee-high boots since they can be used on different types of outfits. Meanwhile, if you want a more practical pair of booties, then you can go for calf-length types since they can be hidden underneath your slacks or leggings. Ankle booties on the other hand suit well with casual outfits, although they may also work well with office attire.

  1. Choose the material.

The best boots you can find are often made of genuine leather. This is not only due to leather being a high-profile shoe fabric, but it’s more about its capacity to keep the feet warm and protected from changing weather temperatures and risk to injury. Leather also allows the feet to breathe while inside the boots.

If in case you don’t like leather, you may go for suede booties. Suede is also a good shoe fabric material, although it absorbs water and moisture faster, making it heavier to wear during rainy days.

You may want to keep in mind that since women’s boots are designed more for fashion purposes, some makers use synthetic material instead of pure leather or suede. It is important to know the type of material the boots are made prior to purchase, so that you also know what to expect in terms of quality and durability.

  1. Don’t forget the fit!

Compared to the common shoes and sandals, boots take effort to fit. You don’t just slip in your feet into the boots; you also have to bring your leg in as well (especially when you are fitting knee-high boots). It is very important that you are comfortable with the boots that you are wearing, since they limit your capacity to move freely.

When trying on boots, make sure that your feet is smaller than the soles, so that you have the space to move and stretch while on them. A small sole allowance can be made snug fit by wearing thick socks, which can be essential during the colder days.

It is also a must that your legs are also comfortable in the boots. Indeed, you may not be used to having your lower thighs covered by the boots, but you can still feel comfortable in them so long as you are wearing the right pair. Thus when fitting the boots, make sure that your legs also feel easy and that you are able to maintain your gait and balance, as these will allow you to enjoy your day wearing the booties you’ve always wanted.

Fashion That Goes Over-Head

For a woman being up-to-date in fashion is an inevitable thing. Her personality is weighed by how good she wears and presents herself in public. Perhaps, one such fashion trend that women all over the world are dying to update themselves with must be scrub hats. Scrub hats are basically used in operation theatres to cover the head of the patient. However, they’re quite a fashion statement. If the mundane green and white colours of surgical hats are replaced with vivid floral designs and patterns, you will have in your hand splendid accessories that will spice up your looks. Myntra have a big collections of scrub hats and other fashion accessories.

Splendid scrub hat models from Harmony Surgical Designs

Surgical harmony designs are evolving as a brand that is giving men and women a splendid way to dress up their heads. Not with hairdos, but with scrub hats that are exceptional in design and finishing. For women there are five different styles of scrub hats available: Euro, harmony Ponytail, Florence and Bouffant. There are also Christmas patterns and solid colours to match your daily wear. These hats are very stylish and they can make you look attractive at the same time.

Wide selection of unbeatable designs

Harmony surgical designs are constantly updating its inventory of scrub hats with great designs and prints that are rare and unique. They have a good pulse of what kicks in the urban scenario and how mean and woman would want to present themselves in public. With those ideas in mind, they unleash their creative talents with which stunning designs of women scrub hats take shape and form. Scrub hats are excellent ways to accentuate the style and look of a woman’s face and hair. If matched properly, they can bring out the true beauty of a woman that is not always portrayed properly. With the various designs available in the market, you can purchase the best one of your choice.


Scrub hats for men

Who said girls should all have all the fun shopping for great stuff? Exclusive collection of scrub hats for men offer a masculine way of displaying style and glamor. There are executive, urban, sports and many other scrub hats to choose from. In fact, funky designs are also available for men who want to show their eccentric style in full form. Men hats are of different designs than the women hats and they appropriate for various types of occasions. No matter what the occasion, there is a scrub hat to choose from. Sometimes, the design selection is just left to the wild imagination of the customer. One can mix and match any design or pattern to get the perfect style that will rock their looks. Give yourself a splendid fashion makeover with stunning scrub hats selection from Harmony Surgical Designs.

Ultimate Not-To-Do List for Avoiding the Prom Look Disaster This Year

Prom is one of the most memorable nights of your life but whether it will be remembered for being one of the bests or one of the worst depends on you. If you dress gorgeously and can carry yourself in an elegant and classy manner, you will emerge as a winner but if things don’t work out right, prom could totally turn into one of the most embarrassing moments of your life.

You must have thoroughly researched on all the ultimate prom guides and to-do-lists before the big night. But another list you must have in mind while deciding on your prom look is the Not-to-dos if you want to avoid looking the worst on that day.

Worry not, here we have prepared a Not-to-do list just for you so that you avoid making these disasters on the big night.

Don’t Overlook Fittings & Body Types

The prime focus on that day is on what you are wearing. So, don’t make a fool of yourself by wearing a dress that was not meant for your body type. We live in the era of the internet where you find various guides on the body types and what kind of dresses suit which body types. Read them and shop accordingly. If you plan to blindly follow the trend, then you will be making a huge mistake. What might suit a petite and slim body might not look nice on someone who is a little plump. You can find various kinds of dresses for all body frames if you search for the right site.

Don’t spend a fortune

Prom is indeed an important night for you but don’t get overburdened with this thought and spend a fortune on a prom dress. There are many shopping sites where you can find many stunning yet cheap prom dresses that will melt your heart. So, don’t incur a sky-high bill which will end your savings or require you to take a loan from your father and that too for a prom dress.

Don’t get Desperate for Attention

It is prom and you certainly want to grab everyone’s attention but do it for the right reasons. Don’t just wear anything random you find like wrapping yourself in the UK flag designed outfits or something overtly shiny which will blind anyone daring to look at you. At the same time, don’t dress up in an obscene or vulgar manner to steal attention. Try to look attractive and glamorous. Wear minimum makeup and style your hair in a trendy manner. Maintain the clear distinct line between a hooker and a high school student.

Don’t waste money on uncomfortable shoes

Prom is not just about grabbing eyeballs and getting bestowed with the title of the “Prom Queen”. It is also about a lot of dance and having fun at the end of the day. So, in trying to look all glamorous and fancy, don’t wear shoes with too high heels which will become a problem when you have to dance in them. It is best not to splurge on new shoes for this event. Wear a comfortable pair which goes with your outfit.

So, steer clear of these prom look disasters and say hello to some of the most wonderful memories which you will cherish for a long time in life. Have a great time and all the very best for winning the title of Prom Queen this year!

Author Bio: Claire Jones is a fashion blogger and here, she writes an ultimate not-to-do list which will save you from a prom look disaster this year. Look for gorgeous, comfortable and cheap prom dresses and become the prom queen this year.

Don’t Leave the Christmas Shopping for the Last day- Start Shopping Online

Christmas is the time to celebrate, forget all worries and share you happiness with your dear ones.   It is the festival that brings with it lots of joys and prosperity. Almost everyone is so excited about Christmas and that they start preparing for the eve of 25th of December months ago. The most important thing about the preparation is the Shopping. Shopkeepers are ready to experience the heavy foot traffic on their store during the season. They full up their stores with the latest things to attract the customers and give them an opportunity to celebrate the festival in the most alluring way.

Celebration for the tech savvy shoppers

Not everyone finds shopping from the local market interesting. There are lots of people, who just want to ignore the local market because of the crowd, less number of choices and inconvenience in purchasing during their working hours. They find it easier to do online purchasing during the festive season as they get lots of benefits and offers such as Daraz coupons. The numbers of shopping websites have also grown up at a faster pace which enables the shoppers to get plenty of choices. Some of the benefits of online shopping for Christmas include:

  • Online stores are open for 24*7 hours. So, you don’t have to worry about the closure of the stores if you want to go for late night purchase.
  • You don’t have to skip your work for shopping.
  • You can get hundreds of things in the same store. You don’t have to go on different shops to buy the things. Even if you want, you can switch to another e-store with few clicks
  • Uncountable options are available.
  • Home delivery of the orders.
  • Huge discounts and offers

In addition to these, there are many more benefits of purchasing things online during the festive season which attract the tech savvy shoppers.

Make your shopping less stressful

It is very obvious to face the heavy crowd in the market on the day before Christmas and it will be nothing less than a battle if you are able to get the things from the store which you want. Hence, if you want to enjoy the festival with peace of mind with your family and friends, then you should make sure that all the purchasing tasks is done beforehand. It will make you feel free and available for celebrations and partying. For this, you need to do shopping in the most systematic way. Prepare a check list and then shop according to it. Take help from the e-retailers to save your time and money as well. They also save you from the stress of sending gifts to your far off family members and friends as you can place online order for them and let them feel your care and affection.

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Latest collection is there for you

Whether you want to buy the designer dresses for Christmas or some mesmerizing embellishments for your home decorations, you can find everything at the online shopping stores. Generally, the top dress designers put up their latest collection at these stores so if you are looking for the best dress on this Christmas, go and grab it before it gets out of stock. Different types of decorative items can be purchased for decorating your house and the Xmas tree. You can have glittering LED lights, glowing colorful bulbs, small gift boxes, gift wraps and many more things for celebrating the festival in a unique way.

While going for the online shopping, you can take the advantage of discounts and offers provided by the stores. So check out for the website that provides higher discounts than the other online stores which enable you to save lots of money. This is a great way of saving your money.

3 Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Among all the greatest festivals of this world, Christmas is one of the much loved ones. The glamor and glitter added to this festival makes it a much awaited time of the year. The fact that it falls in the last chapter of the year gives an opportunity to folks across the world to plan for a stupendous holiday season. People greet each other with some amazing gifts and here today I would love to discuss about some Christmas gift hampers that may help you in formulating the gift ideas for your loved ones.


Candles and Roses

Candle is one of the finest things and these days some designer candles are available in stores that would definitely increase the glamor quotient of your celebration. Candles are also required to worship in the Church and thus your gift would be beneficial to your friends. You get many shapes of candles like spiral, cylindrical, cube, etc. Many fancy candles have fragrances in them and while some are floating candles. So, combine a few of these types along with a bunch of red n white roses. Red n white is the official color of Christmas and that’s why would be really appealing as a gift.

Tea Bags, Coffee Mug, and Muffins


Who doesn’t want to enjoy the hot mug of tea or coffee with sun rays at the back in a winter morning? As Christmas comes sin winters, you can very well opt for this gift option that would be well appreciated by your loved ones. Tea bags of many flavors like ginger, saffron, jasmine, rose, cardamom, fennel, and etc. can be included. Get a big personalized coffee mug and that would pamper the tea/coffee lovers the most. Now add muffins of various flavors like vanilla, chocolate, or dry fruits. The gift receivers cannot stop pouring words of praise for your unique choice.

Chocolates and Teddy Bears

What can be more relaxing that cuddling with cute and tender teddy bears and munching on some world famous chocolates? Big, medium, or small are the sizes of teddy bears to look out for. I would suggest a package of three sizes of teddy bears would be great with three boxes of three types of chocolates. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and fruit n nut chocolate can be selected. Or you may combine a box of assorted chocolates with a bouquet of small teddy bears. You can also get a bouquet of chocolates and match that up with a king size teddy bear. Sister, girlfriend, and kids can be the receivers of this type of a gift. So, select your option and send this Christmas hamper to Dubai suing any online shopping portal.

Getting a hamper of various things in one gift is always the smartest of all choices. Because you can show your multiple layers of love with each item in your Christmas gift hamper.

A guide to Quinceanera Fashion Trends

Quinceanera or Sweet Sixteen is amid the most anticipated events in every young girl’s life. A young girl will desire to appear confident and gorgeous in front of both her friends and family. Hence, choosing the perfect Quinceanera dress is of utmost significance to feel and look her best on this special day. The good news is today girls have an assorted variety of stylish dresses that she can wear in the party.

A brief on the different types of Quinceanera Dresses

  • Tulle Ballgown having halter bodice with satin beads- this is the quintessential dress for Quinceanera. This is because it has a lovely fancy halter neckline which will showcase the arms and shoulders.
  • Floral printed organza gown- this is a full skirt manufactured of ethereal organza which reaches to the floor. In fact its pleated surplice bodice together with its spaghetti straps simultaneously is both classic and modern
  • Strapless taffeta gown having draped bodice- there are some young females who desire in showing off her sensuous, bronze shoulders. It is a strapless dress which will accomplish this goal in style. The taffeta dress in A-line has a draped bodice which boasts an enchanting beaded detail. This side drape, floor length skirt slims as well as flatters any figure while the draping covers the dress’s back side for adding elegance and sophistication to the ensemble
  • Off-shoulder satin A-line dress- this is a floor length gown that is ideal for a full-figured female. It is highly feminine with side drapes that are slimming and soft thereby making it suitable for every body type. The best part is it has an off-shoulder neckline that is gracefully detailed together with soft pleats. All throughout the dress has enough of exquisite detail
  • Strapless gowns having a ribbon- there are some girls who prefer keeping things simple yet at the same time add personality and flair which is all its own. This stunning dress in satin will just be perfect for such girls. It has a straightforward fitted bodice which looks chic while the waist can be nicely accented using a ribbon sash which today is accessible in multiple colors such as horizon blue, lapis, sangria and apple
  • Side drape gown in satin with tiered skirt- for girls who love tiers, this willbe an ideal choice. It has a beautiful halter neckline for grabbing attention to both the shoulder and the neck
  • Strapless beaded pick-up gown in satin- this ivory or white dress will make a young girl that wears it appear like a princess on her Quinceanera. It is delicately dressed and is extremely trendy thereby offering it that romantic look. Besides its distinctive bodice is adorned using attractive beaded appliqué which adds the perfect touch to the strapless satin matte gown

Girls today are more conscious when it comes to fashion trends than before. Owing to this they desire in incorporating their personal style,even their selection of Quinceanera dresses. You will no longer require settling for dreary, dull dresses on this long-awaited day. Now young girls possess the freedom of expressing them in any way they desire that will help them in making their Quinceanera a day to remember.

Knitwear Trendy Collection

This brand offers popular knitwear with rich patterns, texture and color. The stylish and casual appearance is most favorite among the people and comfortable enough. The brand is highly expanded into fragrances, hotels, sportswear and home furnishing. The geometric and bold designs are most efficient to make trendy waves in the appearance and personality of the people. You may find the knitwear comprising of cardigans, vests, jackets, shawls and many others. The buyers are thankful to the number of the variety available with the different sizes, patterns and colors.

Make perfect choice

The latest trend collection of the Missoni is efficient to create the best outfits to give you stylish and trendy look. The knitwear can be classified into several categories including jumpers, hats, gloves, scarf and leggings. The best qualities of the knitwear are light weighted and help you to protect from the cold while keep you warm. Designer knitwear is also available in the stores with the variety of colors and styles. You should make choice of the clothes that should compliment your body shape and height. While purchasing you can take trial of the material so that it should perfectly fit on your body type and make you comfortable. These cannot be spoiled quickly and odor free with long life span.

Knitted fabric is a textile that results from knitting. Its properties are distinct from woven fabric in that it is more flexible and can be more readily constructed into smaller pieces, making it ideal for socks and hats. In weaving, threads are always straight, running parallel either lengthwise or crosswise. By contrast, the yarn in knitted fabrics follows a meandering path, forming symmetric loops symmetrically above and below the mean path of the yarn. These meandering loops can be easily stretched in different directions giving knit fabrics much more elasticity than woven fabrics. Depending on the yarn and knitting pattern, knitted garments can stretch. For this reason, knitting is believed to have been developed for garments that must be elastic or stretch in response to the wearer’s motions, such as socks and hosiery. For comparison, woven garments stretch mainly along one or other of a related pair of directions that lie roughly diagonally between the warp and the weft, while contracting in the other direction of the pair and are not very elastic, unless they are woven from stretchable material such as spandex.


Knitwear is also easy and flexible to use as you may know main feature of the elasticity.  Nowadays, the efficient technologies of finishing and dry cleaning of the fabrics helps to retain the elasticity and color. This method gives you comfortable and soft feel for the extended period of time. Of course, knitwear has established its own market in the clothing for the casual and sports look. The trendy cashmere knitwear options are available for children, men and women. The stores are full of latest collection including all types of ranges for the customer convenience.

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