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There is no doubt that women love handbags. However, with numerous options available today, it is rather exasperating to decide the type of handbag you want. There are less expensive, modern, vintage, more expensive ones and the list continues. It is certainly a complicated and confusing process to choose the right bag.


Designer Bags

These days, lot of women prefers designer handbags, as these subtle yet gorgeous bags make the best style statement. A good quality luxury bag is in fact a great inclusion to a wardrobe. It adds class to your attire. A diamond might be a woman’s best friend. However, a luxurious designer bag is surely not too far in the order of ranking.

If women had a choice, then all their handbags perhaps would have been of designer brands. This is not possible, because they are quite expensive when compared to the normal ones. However, there are several advantages, which explain the high price.

Advantages of having a Designer Bag

Makes a Statement

When you choose a designer brand, you can be sure that nobody else in your circle would be having a similar one. Also, such bags add quality and class to your ensemble. Make sure, that you go for bold colors, as it draws attention to the bag. If you are attending an event in the evening, then it adds an alluring touch to the outfit. Luxury bags can be bought for both office use and for special evening events too.

Designers know their Clients

A designer bag meets your specific needs and taste. Many of them stick to their favorite designers, as they suit their style. A few designers use contemporary designs while others prefer traditional styles, so you can choose a handbag that suits you the best. Also, new styles are introduced regularly and this gives you plenty of choice.

High Quality

These handbags are made of genuine material and lasts long. There are several fake products available too, which make use of low quality material than its real version. So, it is suggested to buy the designer handbags either from online stores like, which offers delightful user experience, or from the local outlets.

The manufacturers will have their outlets on some websites, where the products are offered at a slightly cheaper price as compared to high street store.

Material Used

A designer brand uses soft leather, cotton or suede and silks, and you will find the brand name inside or on the bag. The materials are of top quality and 100 percent genuine. They don’t break or tear unlike the cheaper ones. The decorative elements and fittings of the bag like strap rings, buckles, chains and zippers are all of high class.

You can specify the kind of leather you wish to go for, and also choose from various available styles. A few designers even guarantee free replacement or repairs within a certain period. This assures that the product is in a totally different league as compared to common handbags you find in the malls.

A designer handbag is perfect for those looking for a durable, stylish and quality bag. You can build your own collection, if you are an admirer of high end fashion.