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Hats for Today’s Fashion

Sometimes, a trendy outfit alone isn’t enough to make the right statement. While it’s important for women to support a particular look with matching shoes and appropriate make up, a hat can actually make you look classy and suave. It can make an underwhelming outfit look modish, or even act as a barrier against cold and heat. Some women wear beautiful fur hats or elegant fleece beanie hats to get protection from cold weather.

Hats have been around for a long time.  As time passed, hats became symbols of authority and status. In fashion terms, a hat is a noticeable accessory as it draws an onlooker’s attention to the face.

Hats were quite popular in the 1980s for special occasions like parties or weddings after the Princess of Wales, Diana, donned them to magnify her persona in the early few days of her marriage. Slowly, hats and headgears turned into must-haves and became a rage around the world. Hats are worn today by women of all ages. They make a fashion statement when worn to a dressy occasion such as a wedding or any other kind of sophisticated gathering.

It is highly unlikely that the hat is ever going to die as a fashion accessory as it can be carried off with different outfits in different styles. This is why fashion designers keep experimenting when it comes to hats and new styles keep getting introduced every now and then.  Given below are different kinds of hats that will definitely make you look chic:

The Wide-brimmed Hat

This is a solid black Audrey Hepburn-inspired hat which has ruled the fashion-world for years. You can also go for a casual look and opt for a hat made of felt or wool.

The Newsboy

As the name suggests, this hat was quite popular among the young boys who used to sell papers in the 20th century. In the present times, the hat is preferred by women at large due to its usefulness and style. Apart from providing protection from sun, its puffy top also adds youthfulness to the overall look of a woman.

The Beret

A beret is a kind of hat that can be used to cover the crown of your head. It is a soft hat which is usually made of wool, and can also be associated with French avant garde culture.

The Fedora

Though popularized a few decades ago, fedoras are still worn by many women around the world.  These are generally made of straw material and look alluring when worn with a plain dress.

The Bell or Cloche Hat

Cloche hats fit close to the head and have brims that fall down over the ears. These hats were quite popular in the early 1930s, but are still a fad among girls and women of all ages.

Hats have been preferred by women since long, and continue to grab eyeballs till date. If you have been planning you team your party dress with a classy hat, just go for it and get set to look posh.

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