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It has been said many times that every man should own at least one tailored suit. While it was previously quite expensive to purchase a tailored suit, the fact that you can now get these suits both online and from foreign companies has made the purchasing of these suits much more affordable. Here is what to know before you end up buying your bespoke suit.

How It’s Made Is More Important Than Where It’s Made

Many fashion experts and enthusiasts will tell you that where your suit is made plays a major role in the quality that you can expect to receive. This is often not the case, however.

Bespoke suits in Bangkok, for instance, can be just as high-quality as ones that you will find that are made directly within the confines of the United States. The important part here is that you know the tailor and have a good idea of exactly how the suit is made.

Knowing that the company you are purchasing your suit from has a strong reputation is a way to ensure you are receiving a quality product. Experienced tailors like Universal Tailors, for example, are located in Bangkok but have long been known to produce suits that are just as, or even more, high-quality than those that are made in America.

Purchasing Online Can Produce the Same Results

Another thing to be aware of before buying bespoke suits in Bangkok is that purchasing online can often produce the same results as buying in person. While experts will generally lead you to believe that you must visit a tailor in person in order to ensure the accuracy of your fit, this is generally not the case.

Online companies like Universal Tailors, for instance, set it up so that you go through a very similar process to what you would experience when visiting a tailor. You have the opportunity to choose what type of suit you want and what fabric you want, and can even customize the style. In many cases, this is also a more affordable option than visiting a tailor.

Be at a Stable Weight Before Buying Your Suit

One of the biggest mistakes that men make before buying a bespoke suit is that they get fitted for their suit at a time when they are not a stable weight. This means that the suit they purchase will often only fit them for a short period of time, which can make it a fairly terrible investment.

For this reason, it is a good idea to determine that you are at a stable weight before buying your suit. While you obviously cannot expect to remain at the same weight for the rest of your life, you should at least ensure that you are not planning to go through any major body transformations in the near future.