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In case that you are not much used to wearing skirts and are looking forward to giving it a try, you will be surprised to know, how many different types of skirts are actually out there. These mainly differ in shapes and designs. There are a wide range of choices to make when looking for the perfect long skirt. Skirts are a must in any woman’s wardrobe. They provide it with the versatility that these wardrobes require. Skirts are appropriate for every occasion, whether you are looking forward to a casual day out with friends or want to woo that special someone on a date these long skirts are more than capable at doing their job well. The best thing about the long skirts is that, you can look stunning while being comfortable throughout the time you wear them. You will find the best collection of these much appealing apparels in fab alley Delhi.


The different kinds of long skirts you need to own right away:

As mentioned above, there are a wide variety of long skirts that you may choose from. It is the choosing part that might get you overwhelmed. Here is a list of all the different types and skirts distinguished based on their shapes and cuts.

  • A line Skirts-

Indian women are known for their hour glass figures, but there is also a wide selection of women who boast a bear or an apple shape body. It is important that you choose apparels that go with your body shape. The A Line Skirt goes perfectly well with any and every body shape, especially with the pear shape. These are narrow around the waist and keep flaring, almost like the pyramid, when proceeding downward.

  • Broomstick Skirts-

As the name suggests, these skirts are in the shape of a broomstick, and can vary in length. Though these can be found to be of knee length, they are most commonly produced as ankle length skirts. These skirts get their name from three or more horizontal seams that wrap around it forming the common design. These are mainly dedicated to common wear.

  • Circular Skirts-

These have always been a favourite to the Indian Women. When you place the circular skirts on the floor, they form a perfect circle. These are a great addition to your dance performances, as the flare looks beautiful during turns. These skirts can serve a number of purposes. They can be a part of your casual wears, party wears and even stage performances.

  • Mermaid Skirts-

If you are looking forward to opting for something different, the Mermaid skirts can prove to be just the right choice for you. These skirts are narrow around the waist line and progress to produce a petal shape around the hips, these then become fitted around the knees and flare away to their ultimate glory around the ankles, giving the classy mermaid look. These are great party wears.

There are also other long skirt options that you can choose from when buying from fab alley Delhi. Some of these options include-flared skirt, peasant skirt, etc.