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From the exquisite Solitaire to beautiful engagement rings of different colors, there are a lot of choices in the market to pick one. There are designs and styles that come and goes, but there are certain trends that stay for a long time and are known to stay forever. Based on the popularity of different styles and their demand in the past few months, here is the list of the trendsetters that have been in great demand in 2016.

Trend 1. Pear and oval shaped diamonds

Pear and oval shaped diamonds have been in great demand in the past few months. Both of them has a sparkly shine. The round cut and the shaped edges of the oval-shaped diamonds adds a touch of romance to them. They add uniqueness and a touch of confidence in your personality.

Trend 2. Double Halo Ring

Why just own one when you can own two? Halo rings for engagement have been getting popularity for years, so why don’t you just take it to a whole new level by having a double halo ring? The double halo ring has gained huge popularity because of its beautiful, exquisite design. The double halo makes the centre zone and the ring much more dazzling and appealing making it look larger. Don’t follow the same trend, stay ahead of it and gift yourself a double halo engagement ring.

Trend 3. Three Stone Ring

Three stone rings also known as the Bostonian ring has gained popularity like never before. The princess cut and the three stone layout complements each other and makes them compatible to fit with each other. They are available in a lot of shapes; you can go for the one that catches your eye.

Trend 4. Vintage style Ring

Finding a product that stands out of the box can be difficult, but when we talk of jewellery, switching to vintage designs gives you a very special feel. Vintage rings offer you with a wide range of filigree design along with a classic round and cushion cut diamonds. Because of the design and uniqueness, the vintage rings have become very popular. The vintage ring gives you the romantic details and the choice to choose what you will love to wear.

Trend 5. Gemstones with Diamond Halo

Colorful stones in the centre of the ring are coming back in the jewel world. The old and traditional diamond rings have been replaced by unique, colorful option. The engagement rings have started using emerald, sapphire, and rubies as the stones replacing the diamonds. But as we know diamond is the women’s best friend, ladies and girls still prefer sparkle in their rings. To meet this expectation, the gemstone of the ring is surrounded by a diamond halo that gives an eye catching and a stunning look. The size of the gemstone looks bigger due to the presence of diamond halo enhancing the beauty of the ring.

Trend 6. Rose Gold Bezel setting

The Rose Gold rings are known as ” this is it” ring for most of the women. The diamond is set with rose gold bezel making it look stunning. A bezel set in the rose gold is the best solution for the women who hates the jewellery coming in their way of a lifestyle full of adventure.

With the changing trends, these six types of rings have tried and maintained to stay in the list and enter the trendsetters list of 2016. Go and grab one. You will love it.