Men’s Watches Trends For 2016

Years come and go, dropping down many trends & styles for the fashionistas to follow. For those handsome hunks who think that revamping the wardrobe is what needs to be done to welcome a new year, we have a secret to reveal; Do not miss on that timepiece you wear on your wrist.  Oh yes! You heard us right. The one accessory that is often purchased to suit every season and trend is possibly the one which states your true personality.

Each year has a new fashion trend which equally hits the watches segment. It is us who fail to follow the hints and end up falling flat on the grounds which make us an outdated personality.

To avoid any such thwarting moment coming up,men must ensure to be in style with his pricey possession; the wrist watch.

Helping you with this we are here with few awesome trends which have captivated the watches market for the year 2016:

The white gold magic:

The last year was full of colorful watches and watches that have big sporty designs. However in the ending months, white gold took a roll over every color. This is the trend which 2016 brought forward for the watch lover. A traditional masculine metal, the white gold watches for men has been an evergreen choice for the trendy men’s wear. It might have stayed a little off beat lately but it is now backing with a bang.

The black magic :

Another staple for your wardrobe is a black on the black watch which has been into trends for a while now. It is likely to stay for some more years and make you look classy and more handsome with the grace it offers.  Black Men’s watch matches almost every personality so you do not have to waste much time in assessing its suitability with the personality type you possess. All you need to do is buy one and wear it with style.

No to the biggies:

You must have owned a watch with a dial as big as the wall clock at your home. If your answer is yes then we are afraid that you have to bury it for some time now. The big dials are no more in the air. 2016 has come up with the style idea of smaller and delicate dials that suits your decent masculine personality. And choose that one which you can wear in office.

A loan from the past:

Old is gold; this fits very true for the watch market this year. 2016 watch market is completely inspired by the vintage designs of watches and the men are willing desperately to have a vintage timepiece in their collection. A traditional dial with classic batons is the hot demand of the year. This type of watch can be easily matched with your formal as well as casual outfits.

The techy Gadgets:

Technology has not spared the wrists wear as well and 2016 has some awesomely tech savvy watches for the technologist. There are many brands that have bought a new flair of digitalization in the watch market.  With the recent android releases, a watch enables you to access many applications, the information of wind & weather, and of course, the traditional features stopwatch and alarms.

Watches were a ignored entity a few years back but with the time turning the wheels the fashion lovers have to understand the important role it plays to complete any look. With these awe-inspiring designs, the year 2016 is all set for hot fashion and trendy masculine walks. So go grab a timepiece which will grace you in every style and make you a hunk wherever you go.

How to differentiate between real and fake handbags online

Bags online, the latest craze everywhere, everyone from the old aunties of the house to the maids, everyone is going crazy about these ladies handbags that are easily available online. One click and the bag with the whole paraphernalia arrives home, with the cute little packing and generally a safe keeping bag along to keep it away from any kind of harm. I always look at these ladies handbags online and wonder how on Earth is it possible for these portals to sell them at such less prices. Is every aunty that you see on Facebook holding a Prada or Gucci genuine? How can one person own so many designer bags without going bankrupt? Even the young girls can be seen holding an LV or Chanel sling bags, how is this possible?

We are surrounded by people who strictly believe in the fine art of bragging, meaning even if they bought a normal dress from the neighbourhood shop, they will wear it as if it’s come especially for them from a designer house in Dubai. Same is the case with ladies handbags, lot of my friends, keep telling me that the best deals can only be bought online these days, so I decided to find put how you can really distinguish between a fake bag and a genuine bag when buying from a site selling ladies handbags.


Buying from a shop is different from buying bags online, what we see on the page of the portal looks amazingly chic but you can’t touch it and feel the texture. Buying a fake sling bag or a tote  at the price of a genuine leather bag would be as sacrilegious as paying for diamonds and taking home cubic zirconium, right? So, what do you do then?

  • Experts say that when buying bags online, as there can be small details that give away a fake. For example, on a fake designer handbag, there will normally be a slight variation to the look of the logo so the counterfeiters can claim they haven’t copied the logo but that it is a different logo altogether. After all, it’s a crime to copy someone’s trade mark or logo that is why they are registered.
  • I found another tip that is very realistic, when you are searching for some bags online, say sling bags and you like a particular make or brand, immediately take its code and merchant’s name and go to the original brand’s url of that merchant and search for that bag, then compare, each and everything from the zip to the buckles to the logo to the inner lining and pockets of the bag. Make sure you know what the original one looks like and you will get an answer yourself.
  • If you are buying something very expensive but are in doubt about the authenticity of bag, you can always contact the banks and credit bard companies the site accepts and check with them if there’s been any reports of fraud to them.  That will help you access whether to buy it or not from that online portal.

However, the manufacturing brands are an expert in forging the original brands and make an exact replica that it is difficult to tell an original from fake even after holding in your hands, it takes years of practice to distinguish between these two. When you are confused and you want to get your money’s worth, just buy your leather bag from a reputed seller only, one who values the brand and is known for selling genuine goods.

Great Shopping Advice

When it comes to shopping, people either love it or hate it. But one thing that rings true, not everyone knows how to shop. There are those who just know their way around malls and stores, but some just don’t, and that’s why we’re here to help. Here are some of the best shopping tips experienced shoppers can give you.

Never wait until the last minute to shop. It’s a crucial tip, and pretty much nobody follows it. If you wait until a major event comes along, and you’re looking for something to wear, chances are you won’t find it. If you just shop for kicks, and you find a perfect dress for a wedding, buy it now, and it will come in very handy when the occasion strikes.2. When shopping, always buy the things you love, and not the things you think you need, or you think you will need at some point in the future. Of course, if you need a formal dress or something like that for an event, buy it, but this piece of advice doesn’t refer to that. If you are casually shopping, always go for the things you love. If something doesn’t excite you, don’t buy it.3. If you find something you like, imagine it in your wardrobe. Does it fit well with the rest of your clothes? Can you pair it with anything in your wardrobe? If you can’t, there’s no trouble. You should go with something that can be worn with something from your closet, but if the item really excites, don’t worry, you’ll find something to pair it with in the future.

4. You should look good when you are shopping. That doesn’t of course mean you should put on a pound of make up, just make sure you look good. Because trying on clothes when you don’t really look up to par will just set you in the nothing I wear looks good on me mindset, and you definitely don’t want that.

5. Make sure you try it on. As soon as you see something that you like, try it on. Clothes look different on the hanger and on your body, and you need to make sure that it looks good on you, before you buy it. And even if it is something you aren’t terribly excited about, but you think it may look good on you, try it. What’s the harm? If it doesn’t look good on you, move along. If it does look good on you, then great, buy it if you can!

These shopping tips can definitely help you a lot if you stick with them. But, they aren’t everything. There is a ton of shopping advice out there, and you can even find professional shoppers like users. There’s advice on buying everything from home decoration, to food, and if you just search, you’ll find what you are looking for.

Check out the latest products in the world of Fragrances

Have you ever wondered that your fragrance can be your signature style? If you want to create one such of your style you should pick the fragrance which is exotic and make your smell absolutely different from the others. In the world of fragrances there are lots of experienced brands as well as the new entrants who have just landed into the business of fragrance. They are trying their best to offer their customers the best products and to attract customers of other companies.

Store for body fragrance UK offers huge range of fragrances for their customers.  Now-a-days there is an increasing demand for the designer perfumes which are designed by the celebs or fragrance specialized to give you a unique smell for special occasions.

There are many people who use perfumes on their clothes but it is not the correct way to use perfumes. You should apply your perfume behind ear lobes, at the base of the throat, inner elbow, behind knees and inner knees. The moment you wear your body perfume it starts reacting with your body heat and emit its fragrance.

Signs of spoiled perfumes

If your perfume bottle fragrance has changed its color becoming darker, thick and intense yellow, slowly it has unappealing smell then it is the time to discard your perfume. You may also check the expiry dates of your perfume bottle.

Buy fragrances at the cheap rates from the online store

Even if you are looking for the Discount cologne you will be able to find a huge list of such cologne at the online stores. The increasing popularity of the shopping for fragrances from the online store is attributed to various reasons which include:

  • Ease of buying
  • Uncountable brands and hundreds of categories enable the customers to pick the right fragrance of their choice
  • Fragrance reviews are available for different types of fragrances so it is easy for the buyers to make the right selection.
  • Ingredients of the perfumes, cologne or deodorants can be read which helps in eliminating all those fragrances which can be allergic to your skin type.

Right fragrance for your love

Perfumes are said to have the ability to stimulate the sense, organize and increases the sexual desire in the person. If you are wearing the perfume like frank apple guardians of love it is sure that your partner will get attracted towards you and want to spend more time with you. This type of fragrance is available for both him and her.

More popular among who like to experiment with their perfumes oriental ones are slightly more different and exotic than any other perfume in the world. These are made up of exotic flavors such as clove, vanilla, cinnamon and pepper and give a very atypical fragrance, one that is quite heartwarming and soothing to senses. Such perfumes are quite expensive and give a very special feeling to the wearer.

All you need to know about kurtis

There is nothing that enhances the beauty of a woman more than does a traditional outfit. Although, there are a lot of options that an Indian woman can wear, there is something unique about kurtis. The first and foremost thing that will attract you about a kurti is its appearance. It neither looks too traditional nor too casual. So, you can wear a kurti to any occasion imaginable. Some women prefer to wear kurtis even while appearing for interviews. And trust this- they never look out-of-place, no matter where you were them.

Kurtis in different fabrics:

Another important thing that will strike you about kurtis is that they are incredible popular. Women in India wear them on almost every occasion. The reason why they are appropriate to wear on any occasion is that they are found in a number of fabrics and designs. Some fabrics give kurtis a rich look, which makes them suitable for parties and weddings. Velvet and silk are two of such fabrics. Even georgette and chiffon look amazing with heavy designs and embellishments. But if you are someone who prefers simplicity over everything else, then you will love cotton the most. Cotton kurtis are not only decent looking but also extremely comfortable.

Comfort level:

All kurtis offer comfort- some less, some more. However, for ultimate comfort, you should team them up with something hollow at the bottom. Although, most women wear salwars, you can maintain the same amount of comfort wearing skirts with kurtis. Now, wearing a skirt with a kurti has two major benefits. One, it offers you unlimited comfort. And secondly, it makes you look extremely appealing. Yes, you can do without looking your best, but can you do without feeling comfortable? Perhaps, not. So, buy short kurtis for long skirts and offer your body the amount of comfort it deserves.

Options at your disposal:

The entire market is flooded with different kurti options. You can find kurtis ranging in colours, designs, cuts and prices. So, no matter what your selection criteria are you can choose your kurti accordingly. There are many kurtis in the market that are meant for special occasions. You can buy one of these if you have some important event round the corner. And in case, you want kurtis for regular wear, you can go for those that come in simple designs and patterns. You can also find kurtis according to seasons. During summers, the markets get flooded with cotton kurtis. These kurtis are good because they keep you cool in scorching hot summer days. During winters, you can go for thick fabrics, which will offer you some warmth.


All in all, kurtis are for all seasons and occasions. You can opt for them without apprehensions. However, you should observe some precautions before buying them so as not to get poor quality stuff. Although, there are many ways in which you can assess the quality of a kurti, you should always go by your personal experience.

5 Crucial Reasons to Use Natural Beauty Products

Most people already know that some of the chemicals used in beauty products are not completely safe. Skin care products, in particular, can put our health at risk because we apply these products directly to our skin on a daily basis.

The list of potential side effects of using such products is pretty long and this is one of the reasons why even skin care experts today encourage people to buy natural beauty products.

Below are 5 crucial reasons why you should make the switch:

  1. Chemical-based beauty products may cause unwanted skin reactions.

    When we use products that have synthetic or chemical ingredients, we expose ourselves to the dangers that some chemicals may pose to our health. We may experience allergic reactions and irritation that could cause permanent damage and unwanted pigmentation on the skin.

2. Natural body and skin care products are generally safe to use.

By choosing natural beauty products, we lessen our exposure to various health risks. Natural and organic products contain ingredients like fruits, vitamins and other nutrients and many of these ingredients are even found in the food we eat.

Products that contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals on the other hand are the exact opposite, as far as your safety and well being is concerned. There are a number of chemicals that we should look out for when buying beauty products. When we are exposed to chemicals like Benzyl Acetate, Bronopol, Formaldehyde, and 1-4 Dioxane, we become more prone to diseases that could compromise our health and damage our skin. Some may even cause an imbalance in our hormones and birth defects.

If you want to be on the safe side, you’re better off using products that contain natural ingredients.

3. Some ingredients increase the risk of cancer.

Commercially available beauty products may contain chemicals that are considered carcinogens. These chemicals are often found in skin care products such as moisturizers and facial cleansers. Diethanolamine is found in sunscreen and hair coloring, and Bronopol found in make-up removers and anti-aging creams. It is truly important to read the labels before purchasing anything that you will use for your body.

4. Some manufacturing processes are harmful to the environment.

Aside from these toxins being harmful to humans, chemicals may pose a threat to the environment. When these chemicals penetrate our water systems, they could harm marine creatures. Some companies also continue to exploit animals by subjecting them to product testing. We should not support products that destroy the environment and endanger the lives of animals.

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5. Embracing natural beauty products means prioritizing your health and well being. 

There are beauty product manufacturers that are aware of their responsibility to their customers and to the environment. As consumers, we should also know our responsibility to ourselves and the environment, by choosing products that we can benefit from and are actually safe to use. Support products that use natural ingredients and are made using safe and environment-friendly processes.

Guide to Choosing the Right Shape of Diamond

The cut of a diamond is different from its shape. Naturally, you need to cut a diamond to form a shape but the shape is more of the overall form of the diamond, while the cut refers to its facets and proportions that determine the brilliance of the gem.

There are actually many diamond shapes – 10 to be precise. When deciding on a diamond ring, you can choose from the following shapes: princess, emerald, round, Asscher, radiant, pear, oval, cushion, heart and marquise.


A princess shape is very ladylike and first appeared in 1961 when jewelry designer Arpad Nagy in London decided to create one. This shape of diamond comes with an array of intricate facets and it didn’t take long before it gained huge popularity among girly-girls. Often, the princess diamond is donned as a solitaire engagement ring.


Glamorous women love the emerald shaped diamond. This rectangular shape has long and lean facets that enable you to better see the clarity of the rock. It exudes elegance and confidence. Well-known personalities who wear emerald shaped diamonds include Amal Clooney, Elizabeth Taylor (who was well known for her penchant for diamonds), Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Also known as the RBC (round brilliant cut), the round shaped diamond is the most brilliant of them all and it remains the most popular choice for engagement rings. Marcel Tolkowsky first created it in 1919 and its shape has remained timeless and versatile ever since. It’s a great choice for women who have decidedly classic tastes.


This shape looks like the emerald cut however it has a more vintage appeal. It is dramatic and striking, evoking an art deco feel. Its profile is thick and chunky with stepped sides and clipped corners.


This shape is very rare and is not a popular choice for engagement rings mainly because it is hard to find. It marries the brilliance of round and the glamour of the emerald shape, and the result is a very sparkling square diamond with trimmed corners.


This shape is an haute hybrid between the oval and marquise (which we will talk about shortly). It resembles a teardrop and is more popular in earrings and pendants. But, it’s also great as an engagement ring because its shape is unique.


This shape denotes innovation. Just like the round shaped diamond, the oval offers remarkable brilliance. It is popular as a solitaire especially for women with short fingers or small hands. It is also often flanked by sapphires or emeralds on the side.


This is a very romantic looking shape. Also referred to as the pillow cut, the cushion diamond appears rectangular in shape with round corners and bigger facets. This shape dates back to the era of elegance and romance.

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This shape is the ultimate symbol of sentimentality and romance. It is more of a novelty and is not a popular choice for engagement rings. The shape of the rocks can be more elongated or fatter. Often times, the ring will have flaws because the heart diamond is difficult to shape.


This shape is wrapped in dramatic history. It was first invented during the reign of Louis XIV in the 18th century and he allegedly named it after Marquise de Pompadour, his mistress. The tapered cut is oval with rounded sides that are pointed at both ends. But there is now a modern version, which is hexagon-shaped and it can make the fingers appear more slender.

Benefits of Buying Events Tickets Online

Today, we live in a world where technology is used everywhere. The advancement of technology have made our lives easier and offered us greater convenience. Technological growth have totally changed the traditional way of buying or booking tickets for sports events, music show, dance show, to watch a movie and so on. It has become easy for people around the globe to book or buy tickets for events with the coming of internet.

There are many online services who sell event tickets online at the moment. More and more people are turning to these online service providers to buy tickets to watch their favorite events live. People now favor buying tickets using their computer and mobile phones. Obviously, you can enjoy plenty of benefits when buying tickets for sports events, music show, dance show or for some other events.


One of the main benefits of buying tickets from online services is convenience. People don’t want to stand in long queue to buy a ticket. They don’t require traveling long time to get tickets for their favorite show or event.  Online services make it easy for the people to book tickets and allow you to book tickets at the comfort of your home or office.

Anytime In a Day

Today, people can book event tickets anytime in a day. When you depend on traditional means of booking event tickets, you will have to reach the booking centers early in the morning and stand in queue to secure tickets. Most of the booking centers are opened only during day time. So, you will have to take leave from office or cancel some other programs to go the ticket booking centers to buy tickets. You can buy tickets day and night from online agents as they are available 24/7.

 From Anywhere         

You can buy event tickets from anywhere these days thanks to online events ticket sellers. You can book tickets for events if you are in your home, office or anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and laptop, computer or mobile phone. Online services help the people to get tickets even if you are traveling in a plane, train or bus. Today, you can book an event ticket if you are in out of your state or country.

Save Money

When you book tickets using online service provider, you can save money. You save money that will be spent for the transportation.  You can save bus fare, petrol or diesel costs if you book tickets online. You can also save on the service fee. There are many online service providers who can offer no fee MLB tickets, NFL tickets or other sports and concert tickets while most of the times physical tickets used to charge service fee from the buyers owing to production and labor costs.

Save Time

You save your valuable time when you choose to buy event tickets online. It takes less time to buy a ticket online than buying from physical agents. You can save time spend for traveling and stand in queue when purchase tickets online.

People do not have to drive all the way to a retail outlet, find parking area, and stand in line to buy a ticket. With online ticketing services, people can purchase the tickets well in advance and right from their home or office 24 hours a day.

Long anarkali Dresses with Prices

Anarkali dresses are the most loved and highly demanded outfit in the whole fashion industry .As ladies have the habit that they love to wear the old classy dresses once again to change the taste of the dresses. That’s why these anarkali dresses remains in high demand in the market regardless of the season and its price .

Following types of anarkali dresses are found in Pakistani fashion industry

  1. Cotton styled Anarkali outfits:

These type of anarkali suits are very much comfortable in wearing .As these cotton styled dress is light in weight thus ladies feel relax in wearing it in summers .They are ideal for casual wear .They are available in the market in variety of colors, designs and patterns as well .

  • Its price ranges differently. Usually it is purchased at 2500 PKR to 3000 PKR .
  1. Silky Anarkali outfits:

For the wedding functions, parties, friends get together etc, these silky designed anarkali dresses are very much suitable to wear .These fancy anarkali suits will give you the royal look and makes you unique in the whole function .The best thing in using these outfits is that they don’t shrink or fade after washing .

  • Its price range is from 4000 to 5000 PKR depending upon the quantity of embroidery and other stuff on the suit .
  1. Bridal Anarkali outfits:

Bridal Anarkali dresses are the most beautiful dresses of all types .They are highly embellished to make the brides the most pretty look .The bridal anarkali suit makes the bride stunning and extremely graceful over the most important day in her life .They are prepared with the help of heavy embroidery work, stones, kundan, zari, motifs etc .

  • Its price range will be from 30,000 PKR till 1 lac atleast .These are expensive due to its fabric, work and items applied on it .
  1. Functions wear Anarkali outfits:

According to the name of the dress, this type of anarkali dress is used in parties, family functions and birthday parties etc .These are designed by different motifs as well as light embroidery too .


  • It will be priced from 5000 PKR to onwards depends upon the designs of suit .
  1. Traditional Anarkali suits:

These type of anarkali dresses contains fancy embroidery work on the choli. It has variety of designs and style and is available in variety of fabrics as well like net, jorget, sheffon, silk etc .

  • Its price ranges from 5000 PKR to 10,000 PKR .It seems expensive because it has fancy work on its choli .
  1. Designer Anarkali suits:

Basically these types of designer anarkali suits are very much common among celebrities who have to attend the evening parties and big wedding ceremonies of their celebrities colleagues .As they are originally branded and designer outfits that’s why they are highly expensive as well .

  • Its prince range from 50,000 PKR and price can be keeps on increasing depending upon the style you chose .

Wonderful Elements about Men’s Beaded Bracelets

Today, beaded bracelets are widespread. A lot of males wear men’s beaded bracelets regularly. However, they are not really aware that wearing one, especially the magnetic kind might actually enhance the general health.

Apart from that, it might be difficult to differentiate the magnetic bracelets from the type which is ordinary also. You might sit near a man on a bus and not notice he is wearing one of men’s beaded bracelets which are magnetic. This is because they might appear as just fancy accessories. There is a lot more to these pieces that are magnetic.

Benefits of Magnetic Men’s Beaded Bracelets

Enhanced Wellbeing

The main benefit of beaded jewelry in comparison to regular kinds is that it enhances wellbeing. Men’s beaded bracelets that are magnetic are believed to alleviate arthritic pain, enhance blood circulation, ease fatigue and reduce inflammation of joints.

When a man wears it on his hand each day, this can control his sense of being and harmonize things. In particular, he will feel more rested than usual.

Men’s Beaded Bracelets

For Treatment

Records indicate that men’s beaded bracelets that are magnetic have previously been utilized to treat patients. Throughout the globe, individuals with joint pain which is not severe have said that due to the jewelries, their conditions appear improved.

Together with the blend of healthy practices, these people note reduced aggression on parts of their bodies.

Great Gifts

Men’s beaded bracelets present ideal gifts for any event. Men simply adore it and the pieces are present in all dimensions as well. Normally, they are bands that are elastic, which can be tailored to fit. Men’s beaded bracelets can be shaped depending on your requirement.

Rather than spending on items like picture frames, figurines and key rings, purchase men’s beaded bracelets that are magnetic. It will definitely be worth it as this is something he is actually going to make use of, not simply display.

Simple to Afford

On average, the cost of men’s beaded bracelets is approximately $30 which is very affordable. There is a huge range of men’s beaded bracelets to explore. A regular design just costs $10.

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In case you prefer an item which is more attractive, jewelries are present, manufactured from pearls, tungsten and Swarovski. Their cost varies between $39 and $100 dollars.

As it presents a medical aid apart from just offering an accessory which is fancy, this will be worth the cash which you will spend. If your priority is buying men’s beaded bracelets, go through the huge variety available and select one.


Apart from them just being beautiful items to gaze at, these accessories enhance wellbeing and can be utilized to treat aches. Also, they offer wonderful gifts and are easy to afford.

Rather than investing money in regular bracelets that might cost a lot more, spend your cash wisely on men’s beaded bracelets that are magnetic, as they offer a lot of benefits.

As these accessories are better compared to any regular fancy product of this kind, you need to think of acquiring them.

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