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Fashion can be fickle, and this is no better seen than when we look at the world of jewellery. While 2017 brought us many new trends and even more statement pieces, there is no doubt that 2018 has a lot more twists and turns in store for the world of trendy jewellery.

One of the biggest trends sweeping into 2018 is the resurgence of silver jewellery – in all of its many wonderful forms. Whether you wear your silver to emphasize your strongest features, accent your weakest ones, or just add a dash of style to your outfits, here are the top trends to look for in the following year:

Unleash Your Inner Animal: While silver jewellery and diamond animals in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings swept into style during periods of 2016, the animalistic motif will find a much stronger hold on fashion trends in 2018. Whether it is a sleek, slender snake wrapping up your arm, or around your neck, unleashing your inner animal with silver, and diamond jewellery is going to keep you on top of the fashion world in 2018.

Boho is Back: While snakes may not be for everybody, jewellery trends in 2018 does have a little something for everybody. What once was old-fashioned is new and hip, again. Boho-styled headbands, flowers, multi-coloured fabrics and silver chains are all the rage with the Boho inspired trends you will see in 2017.

Vive La Resistance: With inspirations running as deep as the streets of Versailles, this trend is full of rich, decorative silver lines that play like the art that lines the walls of Chateau de Versailles but with a modern, modest twist. While this sleek look may not be for everyday wear, it is perfect to add to your evening wear collection

It is of course, always difficult to predict what the outcome of the trends will be. We cannot predict the future. However, we can always speculate. Usually our speculations do come true. So keep your eye out for any boho style jewellery. We are really excited to see animals being a big trend. Snakes in silver jewellery always look stunning. We see bigger animals coming into trends as well. Tigers, bears, elephants have always been big. Excuse the pun. These are the creatures that make an outfit go from one level to the next. A lot of people neglect their accessories but they really do make all the difference.

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