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Years come and go, dropping down many trends & styles for the fashionistas to follow. For those handsome hunks who think that revamping the wardrobe is what needs to be done to welcome a new year, we have a secret to reveal; Do not miss on that timepiece you wear on your wrist.  Oh yes! You heard us right. The one accessory that is often purchased to suit every season and trend is possibly the one which states your true personality.

Each year has a new fashion trend which equally hits the watches segment. It is us who fail to follow the hints and end up falling flat on the grounds which make us an outdated personality.

To avoid any such thwarting moment coming up,men must ensure to be in style with his pricey possession; the wrist watch.

Helping you with this we are here with few awesome trends which have captivated the watches market for the year 2016:

The white gold magic:

The last year was full of colorful watches and watches that have big sporty designs. However in the ending months, white gold took a roll over every color. This is the trend which 2016 brought forward for the watch lover. A traditional masculine metal, the white gold watches for men has been an evergreen choice for the trendy men’s wear. It might have stayed a little off beat lately but it is now backing with a bang.

The black magic :

Another staple for your wardrobe is a black on the black watch which has been into trends for a while now. It is likely to stay for some more years and make you look classy and more handsome with the grace it offers.  Black Men’s watch matches almost every personality so you do not have to waste much time in assessing its suitability with the personality type you possess. All you need to do is buy one and wear it with style.

No to the biggies:

You must have owned a watch with a dial as big as the wall clock at your home. If your answer is yes then we are afraid that you have to bury it for some time now. The big dials are no more in the air. 2016 has come up with the style idea of smaller and delicate dials that suits your decent masculine personality. And choose that one which you can wear in office.

A loan from the past:

Old is gold; this fits very true for the watch market this year. 2016 watch market is completely inspired by the vintage designs of watches and the men are willing desperately to have a vintage timepiece in their collection. A traditional dial with classic batons is the hot demand of the year. This type of watch can be easily matched with your formal as well as casual outfits.

The techy Gadgets:

Technology has not spared the wrists wear as well and 2016 has some awesomely tech savvy watches for the technologist. There are many brands that have bought a new flair of digitalization in the watch market.  With the recent android releases, a watch enables you to access many applications, the information of wind & weather, and of course, the traditional features stopwatch and alarms.

Watches were a ignored entity a few years back but with the time turning the wheels the fashion lovers have to understand the important role it plays to complete any look. With these awe-inspiring designs, the year 2016 is all set for hot fashion and trendy masculine walks. So go grab a timepiece which will grace you in every style and make you a hunk wherever you go.