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Anarkali dresses are the most loved and highly demanded outfit in the whole fashion industry .As ladies have the habit that they love to wear the old classy dresses once again to change the taste of the dresses. That’s why these anarkali dresses remains in high demand in the market regardless of the season and its price .

Following types of anarkali dresses are found in Pakistani fashion industry

  1. Cotton styled Anarkali outfits:

These type of anarkali suits are very much comfortable in wearing .As these cotton styled dress is light in weight thus ladies feel relax in wearing it in summers .They are ideal for casual wear .They are available in the market in variety of colors, designs and patterns as well .

  • Its price ranges differently. Usually it is purchased at 2500 PKR to 3000 PKR .
  1. Silky Anarkali outfits:

For the wedding functions, parties, friends get together etc, these silky designed anarkali dresses are very much suitable to wear .These fancy anarkali suits will give you the royal look and makes you unique in the whole function .The best thing in using these outfits is that they don’t shrink or fade after washing .

  • Its price range is from 4000 to 5000 PKR depending upon the quantity of embroidery and other stuff on the suit .
  1. Bridal Anarkali outfits:

Bridal Anarkali dresses are the most beautiful dresses of all types .They are highly embellished to make the brides the most pretty look .The bridal anarkali suit makes the bride stunning and extremely graceful over the most important day in her life .They are prepared with the help of heavy embroidery work, stones, kundan, zari, motifs etc .

  • Its price range will be from 30,000 PKR till 1 lac atleast .These are expensive due to its fabric, work and items applied on it .
  1. Functions wear Anarkali outfits:

According to the name of the dress, this type of anarkali dress is used in parties, family functions and birthday parties etc .These are designed by different motifs as well as light embroidery too .


  • It will be priced from 5000 PKR to onwards depends upon the designs of suit .
  1. Traditional Anarkali suits:

These type of anarkali dresses contains fancy embroidery work on the choli. It has variety of designs and style and is available in variety of fabrics as well like net, jorget, sheffon, silk etc .

  • Its price ranges from 5000 PKR to 10,000 PKR .It seems expensive because it has fancy work on its choli .
  1. Designer Anarkali suits:

Basically these types of designer anarkali suits are very much common among celebrities who have to attend the evening parties and big wedding ceremonies of their celebrities colleagues .As they are originally branded and designer outfits that’s why they are highly expensive as well .

  • Its prince range from 50,000 PKR and price can be keeps on increasing depending upon the style you chose .