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Irish-style Wedding Rings  Bring a Part of Celtic Past to your Future

Engagement and wedding rings have become bigger and more expensive as time has progressed. Wedding rings seem to have lost all meaning in the rush to be bigger and better than one’s peers.  It is rare to see someone using family heirloom rings anymore. Bigger, better, and more diamonds is the quest of modern brides. It’s time to put the meaning back into these symbolic pieces of jewellery. Irish-style rings tell a story of the past, when marriage was forever.


The Claddagh design has a rich historic background, especially.  Each part of the collective symbol stands for something specific.  The heart, of course, symbolizes love.  The hands are meant to stand for friendship, and the crown is set atop for loyalty.  Three important aspects of marriage are represented by the traditional Claddagh design.  This design dates back to the 1700’s in the town of Claddagh. There are detailed theories as to the original artist and craftsmanship. As with many Irish traditions, Irish wedding bands have a long and detailed background.


The beautifully engraved designs are presented in a variety of precious metals to satisfy even the pickiest of brides. White and yellow gold mix on some of the rings to form a beautiful contrasting colour palette. The classic Claddagh design is one of the most popular renditions of wedding rings. Irish-style wedding rings are unique and are enjoyed by couples all over the world. Celtic symbols boast words of love on some of the rings.  Others can be personalised in ancient writing.  The warrior style is available for both men and women for those with specific taste.  All of the designs bring out the beautiful, mysterious history of the Irish homeland.


Irish wedding rings vary in style to meet the needs of the customer.  Some are classic wide rings with clear Celtic writing, while others are thinner to accent small, delicate hands.  On both styles, the engravings are beautiful and clear.  Bold or subtle, there is an Irish wedding ring just for you. The writing can be chosen from various styles or customized with your own words.  Couples can have a wedding set that is 100% unique by choosing their own engraving. Irish wedding ring styles can be customized for optimal beauty and meaning.

Make your engagement and marriage extra special and a little bit different with an Irish wedding ring. Take the materialistic attitude out of your jewellery choices. Choose something from the Irish wedding ring collection and enjoy owning rings with a meaning and rich background story. Not only are Irish wedding rings a great choice for a unique set, but they are also likely to be passed down through the family for years of enjoyment. Bring a new tradition home today with these classic renditions of the Irish past.