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Yoga has been in craze since and in the recent decade, people are rushing more and more towards it. While it provides a lot of benefits like peace of mind and increase in concentration level, it also helps in remaining physically fit. Various illnesses have been found to be cured by the yoga. However, an essential part is the selection of the yoga teacher and proper yoga clothing.

A yoga teacher teaches the proper mechanism and wide range of yoga techniques and the yoga clothing provides the optimum comfort to support the yogic mechanism. While we let it on you to choose your yoga teacher, we can certainly guide on choosing the yoga clothing.


The comfort should be looked first when it comes to yoga clothing. Yoga can be perfectly performed when your body is in synchronization with your mind and soul. While the bad clothing comfort may create issues like lack of concentration and discomfort, it affects the yogic process. The whole purpose of the yoga is to attain concentration more than anything. The comfortable yoga clothing that is loose and snug enough to support your body is recommended.


The fabric may vary from climate to climate as the yoga is suggested to be performed in the open air environment. Cotton is what is most suitable for most of the environmental conditions. However, if the clothing lets your skin breathe well and is not uncomfortable, you may opt the fabric of your choice.

Moisture Absorbing

During most of the yogic exercises, you may not feel sweaty as it is related to breathing exercises. However, in the movements and postures, the skin may release sweat, and the clothing should be capable enough to retain the enough moisture while absorbing the rest.

Light Colors

Light color materials like white, blue or just any other color that does not absorb much of the heat are suggested for the yoga clothing. The black usually looks attractive, however; it is the heat absorber, and heat may cause irritation and thus the lack of focus. It is highly advised to choose the smooth colors.

Full sleeves

Like rest of the body is covered with the clothing material, full sleeves are suggested, Full sleeves material often tend to protect the skin from the microscopic components that create irritation. Half sleeves won’t affect the overall yogic process, but a full sleeve yoga clothing can prevent unnecessary environmental effects on the skin.