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Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most special days of your life. Every bride wants a perfect day with the perfect look. The perfect wedding dress should accentuate your individual beauty, and should not be the latest trend because it’s the “thing to do”. You can also visit this website for help in finding the perfect wedding dress.

Complement your Body Type

All dresses and bodies are not created equal. What fits your friend perfectly, may not complement your body type. Work with a professional to help you decide what style of wedding dress best complements the shape of your body. The dress should fit snuggly but should allow you ample room to move without feeling restricted. Remember, you have to dance all night at your reception so you have to be able to move.

Time of Year

Having the wrong type of dress for the time of year that you’re getting married can leave you feeling uncomfortable. Long dresses with multiple layers are not ideal for the summer months and open top dresses will leave you feeling chilled to the bone in the cooler months. Just as important as the dress style is the compatibility with the weather at that specific time of the year.

Look for Timeless Designs

Rather than wearing the flashiest dress in the bridal shop or what some celebrity wore to her secret wedding, look through family wedding photos from your mother and grandmother. These timeless designs never go out of style. They are likely to be simple and elegant, which may inspire you to find something similar.

Many modern day brides want their weddings to design their wedding, and dress choice, around trends. What it actually shows is that you prefer to just fit and follow the crowd rather than really making the day all about you and what you like. The day is not about your dress, it is about your new journey in life. Timeless designs show class, sophistication and individuality as embellishments to add some personal flair is available in simpler designs.

Take your Time

Try on as many dresses as you need to in order to find the right style and fit. The idea is not to try on every dress in the store, but the ones that your eye is drawn to. Keep in mind though, what looks good to the eye may not look good on your body.

Don’t Take the Whole Wedding Party

Brides-to-be make the big mistake of taking too many people with them dress shopping. Pick the three most important opinions and ask those women to go with you. Too many opinions lead to arguments, hurt feelings and the process takes entirely too long.

It is important to remember that your wedding day is all about you, not a dress you will wear for one day in your life. Rather than worrying about what people will think about you dress, focus on the elements that make your day special – like the ceremony and ambiance of the reception. Make sure their memories are of the day, not just your dress.