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Looking good while exercising is important to some fitness enthusiasts. More important than simply looking good is how the clothes feel when you are moving and stretching. Maintaining range of motion while toning your body is the idea.

Sleeveless Tops

Sleeveless is the way to go, whether your arms are toned or a little flabby. When you do not have the sleeves to contend with, your arms are free to move as they need to. This allows you to have a higher-impact workout and really use your arms the way you need to.

Supportive, Lightweight Shoes

Spending the extra money on shoes that provide the right kind of support is worth it. You need shoes that support every part of your foot, including the arch. If your feet get tired or feel weighed down, you will lose progress in the workout. Make sure that the material used to construct the shoe is of breathable material to prevent foot perspiration. Look here for a bit of inspiration on how you can afford some of your new exercise attire.

High-Quality Sports Bra for the Ladies

Ladies, you need a good amount of support in your chest area. Make sure that your bra fits properly. Work with a professional and get a fitting. This will help you determine your proper size and type of sports bra that coincides with the type of workouts you complete. Improper support can lead to pulled chest muscles and strained backs.

Choose Fabric Wisely

Make sure that the fabric of your exercise clothes is breathable. As you perspire and your core temperature rises, trapping in that heat can actually slow you down. Opt for a fabric that is lightweight and moves with your body rather than against it.

Refrain from wearing exercise clothes that are either too loose or too tight as it can restrict movement and leave you feeling unsatisfied from your workout.

Color Matters Too

Dark colors are ideal for working out. Not only are they slimming in appearance, but it is easier to match dark tones together. Try to stay away from loud patterns as it is distracting to others working out around you. It may also draw unwanted attention. Dark colors add a bit of sophistication to your appearance allowing you to take your workout routine a bit more seriously.

No Spandex

Spandex may be a stretchable material, but it shows off far too much. It is best to not offend anyone in the gym, so wear clothes that fit, rather than spandex. Spandex tends to conform to your body. It is skin tight. Spandex does split if its limits are stretched too far.

When buying exercise clothes, refrain from being trendy. Wear what is comfortable and will allow you the most range of motion to get the most impact as possible from the workout. You do not need to create an image for the gym. Maintain your general personality and style rather than something that seems hip and trendy. Support, comfort and the ability to move freely are the three most important things to keep in mind when exercise clothes shopping.