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“Time to live”, a tag line of Festina watches is a strong statement which comes with a message of life. Festina brand of watches are a symbol of elegance and class that is backed by the Festina group which is known for its prominent style statements. It is a group which constitutes some of the best brands in watches like Lotus, Jaguar, Candino putting Festina watches in the same parallel of the standard.
Stating their philosophy as “Every Minute, An Emotion”, they provide their customer with some of the best timeless beauties in form of watches. From providing striking innovation and creativity, this old brand was established in Switzerland in 1902.

Having a legacy of more than 100 years, Swizz watches of Festina rule the market because of the following reasons:

One of the solid points of any brand of product is the variety which gives the customer an ample opportunity to decide and select from. Festina watches are no less. From Analog to digital, stainless steel and titanium, chronograph and leather, these watches of Festina have it all. A consumer can select from large varieties which suit their personality to the best.

Festina watches are adored by lot of people all over the world. There are many factors which lead to this loyalty. But one of the distinguishing features of this brand is that these are composed of Japanese quartz movement. It comes with no battery mechanical quartz movement by the name of Mecaquarts movement.

Festina watches have a long history of associating with sports. The famous cycling event of Tour De France is one such event since 1993. Because of such associations, Festina watches are mostly loved by sportsmen because of the sporty look and innovation which comes in these watches. The famous Tour De France alarm watches swept the markets when they were launched creating a tough competition in market.

Festina watches with a long history and putting a mark in market for a long time has always done attractive marketing. It is not wrong to say that this brand of watches has surpassed some of the leading brands of watches behind when it comes to marketing. This brand has created a niche market in Europe and with its innovative marketing strategy; it has overpowered USA as well which is one of the top markets for watch industries. Here they use bike shops to sell these watches.

Known for its solid structure which comes at affordable prices compared to other watches in this league, Festina watches are often termed as “Fashion Watches”. Build with elegance and power; these watches never fail to put up a strong personality statement when you wear them. They become a part of your personality giving you sophistication and class.

Setting up a huge empire in the watch industry, Festina watches sell almost 4.5 million watches per year. They have started putting more focus in making sports watches for both men and women which makes them one of the giants in the industry of sports watch where their standards are hard to achieve. Setting up their manufacturing units in Spain and many other countries, Festina watches truly work on leaving a mark. Big names like Gerard Butler has been an advertising icon for this brand making sure that this timepiece of art is nothing less than perfection making it an essential accessory for consumers to have.