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Bags online, the latest craze everywhere, everyone from the old aunties of the house to the maids, everyone is going crazy about these ladies handbags that are easily available online. One click and the bag with the whole paraphernalia arrives home, with the cute little packing and generally a safe keeping bag along to keep it away from any kind of harm. I always look at these ladies handbags online and wonder how on Earth is it possible for these portals to sell them at such less prices. Is every aunty that you see on Facebook holding a Prada or Gucci genuine? How can one person own so many designer bags without going bankrupt? Even the young girls can be seen holding an LV or Chanel sling bags, how is this possible?

We are surrounded by people who strictly believe in the fine art of bragging, meaning even if they bought a normal dress from the neighbourhood shop, they will wear it as if it’s come especially for them from a designer house in Dubai. Same is the case with ladies handbags, lot of my friends, keep telling me that the best deals can only be bought online these days, so I decided to find put how you can really distinguish between a fake bag and a genuine bag when buying from a site selling ladies handbags.


Buying from a shop is different from buying bags online, what we see on the page of the portal looks amazingly chic but you can’t touch it and feel the texture. Buying a fake sling bag or a tote  at the price of a genuine leather bag would be as sacrilegious as paying for diamonds and taking home cubic zirconium, right? So, what do you do then?

  • Experts say that when buying bags online, as there can be small details that give away a fake. For example, on a fake designer handbag, there will normally be a slight variation to the look of the logo so the counterfeiters can claim they haven’t copied the logo but that it is a different logo altogether. After all, it’s a crime to copy someone’s trade mark or logo that is why they are registered.
  • I found another tip that is very realistic, when you are searching for some bags online, say sling bags and you like a particular make or brand, immediately take its code and merchant’s name and go to the original brand’s url of that merchant and search for that bag, then compare, each and everything from the zip to the buckles to the logo to the inner lining and pockets of the bag. Make sure you know what the original one looks like and you will get an answer yourself.
  • If you are buying something very expensive but are in doubt about the authenticity of bag, you can always contact the banks and credit bard companies the site accepts and check with them if there’s been any reports of fraud to them.  That will help you access whether to buy it or not from that online portal.

However, the manufacturing brands are an expert in forging the original brands and make an exact replica that it is difficult to tell an original from fake even after holding in your hands, it takes years of practice to distinguish between these two. When you are confused and you want to get your money’s worth, just buy your leather bag from a reputed seller only, one who values the brand and is known for selling genuine goods. Check out phonePe offers for online shopping at Flipkart.