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Clothes Shopping Tips for Large Men

Do you ever have difficulty finding clothes that you really like? People of all sizes and shapes have this problem because clothing can’t be designed for everyone, so it’s generally designed for an average frame. While this problem persists throughout the industry, there are some fairly simple things you can look for in your clothing choices that will add style to your wardrobe.

Look for a Boutique That Specializes in Clothing for Your Size

When you shop for clothing at the mall or at the market where you buy your food, you’re probably going to have issues finding clothes that really and truly fit you. Although you may be able to find the appropriate size without issue, the facilities where these clothing items were produced have probably not taken the time to appropriately tailor them. In contrast, when you shop at a specialty store or boutique that has clothing for large men, you can be sure that the items you find will be expertly designed for men your size. As men get taller, proportions change, but most clothing manufacturers do not take this into account as they size up their clothing items. This is why you may not like the way that a lot of brands fit you.

Get Your Clothing Tailored

Having a large build means that problems with the fit of your clothing will be amplified. As mentioned above, the taller you get, the more proportions between your waist, chest, shoulders, and neck will change. Some taller men may have very thin waists, and this too can cause a problem. A lot of clothing manufacturers size up all of the dimensions of a shirt or jacket, and this can result in the clothing being entirely too loose-fitting.

While shopping at a specialty store can help, it’s not possible for clothing makers to size all of their items correctly for everyone. Every tall person is going to be a different size and shape, and it’s important to understand this while you’re shopping. It’s just not possible for a clothing maker to make an item that fits everyone perfectly. Particularly when it comes to formal attire, it’s important to get these items tailored to fit your particular build. If you’re tall and thin, for example, you may have a difficult time finding something that fits your build well without doing this. It can help to become familiar with what size works best for you after the clothing has been fitted for your build by a professional.

Styles to Try

Oh Big Man clothes from smart to casual can help you find clothing items that fit you the way that you expect, but for what kinds of items should you be shopping? Regardless of size, there are a few timeless styles for men. If you don’t already have these items in your wardrobe, you should start thinking about purchasing some of them. Suits, blazers, and sports coats work well for all men but are particularly stunning on taller men. Smooth formal slacks generally work better than jeans, but darker jeans can also work well with a blazer or sport coat. If it’s cold outside, a long and dark overcoat will be particularly attractive on your tall frame.