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Decks, otherwise known as flat boards, serve a very important role in skateboards, and you will require replacing them occasionally. The best skateboard decks should be comfortable and fun to use. Given the many brands and designs present, choosing the suitable one can be hectic. However, here is a buying guide that encompasses beginners who are buying their first deck:
The Material Used:Just like any other accessory, the material determines the durability and safety of use, due to the possibility of breaking from the impacts. You can get boards made of plastic, wood or even laminate veneers, which differ in the prices. The plastic varieties are cheap and you might need to replace them occasionally as well as handle them with care. Maple woods and veneers are the most preferred materials for designing and constructing the boards since they are flexible and with adequate strength. All these materials are compatible with graffiti and paintings; therefore you first need to consider the framework before looking into the outwards design.

The Width versus Length:These two parameters define the size of the skateboard decks, including the overall weight. Your height should guide you on how to choose between the sizes, since the length and width suit the different heights. In most cases, the length of the board, which averages about 30 inches, only influences the weight and design.
On the other hand, the width impacts on the amount of force you will need for launching and controlling the board. When considering the size, you should differentiate between the requirements for street and transition types of skating. It is only the transition types that will work perfectly with a wider and longer board since you need enough room to steer your legs. The common widths range from 7.5 inches to 8.5 inches, although you can get micro-sized varieties for kids with a width as low as 6.4 inches. The transition types can go up to 10 inches, in case you have exaggerated foot size.

How to Choose the Styles:
The styles of skateboard decks come from the general outlook and the approach of the manufacturer. For you as the buyer, the styles are important for class and specifications. The first and obvious styling comes from the size of the decks, producing short and long styles of flat boards.
Short boards are suitable for the common skating expeditions while longboards are suited for hill racing, due to the exaggerated surface area. The second categorization is between the cruiser and old-school styles of decks, with the main differences coming from the angles and curvature of the kicktail.

The Shape Considerations:Looking into the various brands and varieties of available, you will notice that they differ in the orientation of the board. The contrast comes from the nose and tail, and the intended purpose. You can choose between a no-kicktail, single-kick or even double-kick, suitable for cruising, street, and transition skating, respectively.
It is important to note that the design of the kicktail influence on stability when taking sharp corners or immediate stops. After you choose the basic neck and tail, the next consideration is the concave design of the flat board. You can get a shallow, medium or even deep concave shape, but it influences how much control you have on the board.
The shallow to medium skates are suitable for the streets while the larger varieties are mainly for transition skating. For beginners, the best skateboard decks are the shallow types due to the degree of curve that hold the legs firmly even at high speeds.

The Best Wheelbase Lastly, the wheelbase is an important consideration for getting the best skateboard decks to suit your requirements. It is simply the distance between the two mounting holes, which affects the efficiency of the skateboard, in terms of steering and change of directions.
In case you are a beginner, a short wheelbase will favour your movements, since you will room to concentrate your efforts on making performances when skating.
However, if you have significant experience, then a longer wheelbase will increase your stability during high speeds and change of leg movements. If possible, look for decks with a number of mounting holes as this will give you room to adjust to the size that suits you and your engagements.
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