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Offering You the Top Silver Jewellery Trends of 2017

Fashion can be fickle, and this is no better seen than when we look at the world of jewellery. While 2016 brought us many new trends and even more statement pieces, there is no doubt that 2017 has a lot more twists and turns in store for the world of trendy jewellery.

One of the biggest trends sweeping into 2017 is the resurgence of silver jewellery – in all of its many wonderful forms. Whether you wear your silver to emphasize your strongest features, accent your weakest ones, or just add a dash of style to your outfits, here are the top trends to look for in the following year:

Unleash Your Inner Animal: While silver jewellery and diamond animals in the form of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings swept into style during periods of 2016, the animalistic motif will find a much stronger hold on fashion trends in 2017. Whether it is a sleek, slender snake wrapping up your arm, or around your neck, unleashing your inner animal with silver, and diamond jewellery is going to keep you on top of the fashion world in 2017.

Boho is Back: While snakes may not be for everybody, jewellery trends in 2017 does have a little something for everybody. What once was old-fashioned is new and hip, again. Boho-styled headbands, flowers, multi-coloured fabrics and silver chains are all the rage with the Boho inspired trends you will see in 2017.

Vive La Resistance: With inspirations running as deep as the streets of Versailles, this trend is full of rich, decorative silver lines that play like the art that lines the walls of Chateau de Versailles but with a modern, modest twist. While this sleek look may not be for everyday wear, it is perfect to add to your evening wear collection

It is of course, always difficult to predict what the outcome of the trends will be. We cannot predict the future. However, we can always speculate. Usually our speculations do come true. So keep your eye out for any boho style jewellery. We are really excited to see animals being a big trend. Snakes in silver jewellery always look stunning. We see bigger animals coming into trends as well. Tigers, bears, elephants have always been big. Excuse the pun. These are the creatures that make an outfit go from one level to the next. A lot of people neglect their accessories but they really do make all the difference.

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The Basics of Seed Beads: When to Use Czech Seed Beads and Japanese Seed Beads

Beading projects have long been a favorite past time and hobby of many craft lovers and art enthusiasts all over the world. Small as they are, beads posses a unique beauty which allows them to further enhance any type of project. The seed beads are one of the most popular types of beads that you can find today. Seed beads have also been categorized into different kinds, which include the Czech seed beads and Japanese seed beads. But, out of these two, which one should you use for the beading project you have in mind?

Traditional Czech Seed Bead – The Best Friend of Every Bead Embroiderer

For the longest time, the Czech Republic has been widely known and acclaimed for their production of high quality and beautiful glass seed beads which are perfect for the modern bead embroidery projects. The Czech seed bead has notably bigger hole which makes it easier to go through it using your thread for several times. These beads have a consistent circumference of 2.2mm although their width can vary a bit, which will let you choose the beads and were you want them to go. This way, your beads are going to lie beautifully in the exact spot where they belong with no need for them to crowd one another.

The Czech seed bead is famous in the traditional bead work of Native America, a place where the perfectly uniform beads will look completely out of place.

These beads are versatile with lots of bead weavers being delighted by these small beauties. If you would like to make a strong statement, an entire bracelet or necklace made from the Czech seed beads alone is going to look stunning.

Finally, the Czech seed bead can make a wonderful fringe and can also work well in the form of spacer beads. The 11/0 Czech seed beads wholesale are the top favorite of many and are considered as a staple for all beaders.

Japanese Seed Beads – The Loomers’ Lovelies

The Matsuno and Miyuki are high quality types of Japanese seed beads which are in demand due to their uniformity and consistency of circumference and size. You can look forward to the fact that all of the machine-cut beads bear the same size. If you are planning to work on looming or netting, the Japanese seed beads are exactly what you need. These can also work well for all bead weaving projects wherein your beads will need to sit close to one another and are also ideal for cross stitching.

The newest type of Japanese seed beads are the Toho Hex beads. These are ideal if you would like to have some additional interest and texture. You can use these in the same way that you use the Miyuki and Matsuno since these are also uniform. These seed beads bear a precise cut of 6 sides and of hexagonal shape and are a real must have for every beader. These also have consistent sizes and can add interest and texture in all beading media, from stringing to beading, looming, weaving and beyond.

Guide to Choosing the Right Shape of Diamond

The cut of a diamond is different from its shape. Naturally, you need to cut a diamond to form a shape but the shape is more of the overall form of the diamond, while the cut refers to its facets and proportions that determine the brilliance of the gem.

There are actually many diamond shapes – 10 to be precise. When deciding on a diamond ring, you can choose from the following shapes: princess, emerald, round, Asscher, radiant, pear, oval, cushion, heart and marquise.


A princess shape is very ladylike and first appeared in 1961 when jewelry designer Arpad Nagy in London decided to create one. This shape of diamond comes with an array of intricate facets and it didn’t take long before it gained huge popularity among girly-girls. Often, the princess diamond is donned as a solitaire engagement ring.


Glamorous women love the emerald shaped diamond. This rectangular shape has long and lean facets that enable you to better see the clarity of the rock. It exudes elegance and confidence. Well-known personalities who wear emerald shaped diamonds include Amal Clooney, Elizabeth Taylor (who was well known for her penchant for diamonds), Beyonce and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Also known as the RBC (round brilliant cut), the round shaped diamond is the most brilliant of them all and it remains the most popular choice for engagement rings. Marcel Tolkowsky first created it in 1919 and its shape has remained timeless and versatile ever since. It’s a great choice for women who have decidedly classic tastes.


This shape looks like the emerald cut however it has a more vintage appeal. It is dramatic and striking, evoking an art deco feel. Its profile is thick and chunky with stepped sides and clipped corners.


This shape is very rare and is not a popular choice for engagement rings mainly because it is hard to find. It marries the brilliance of round and the glamour of the emerald shape, and the result is a very sparkling square diamond with trimmed corners.


This shape is an haute hybrid between the oval and marquise (which we will talk about shortly). It resembles a teardrop and is more popular in earrings and pendants. But, it’s also great as an engagement ring because its shape is unique.


This shape denotes innovation. Just like the round shaped diamond, the oval offers remarkable brilliance. It is popular as a solitaire especially for women with short fingers or small hands. It is also often flanked by sapphires or emeralds on the side.


This is a very romantic looking shape. Also referred to as the pillow cut, the cushion diamond appears rectangular in shape with round corners and bigger facets. This shape dates back to the era of elegance and romance.

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This shape is the ultimate symbol of sentimentality and romance. It is more of a novelty and is not a popular choice for engagement rings. The shape of the rocks can be more elongated or fatter. Often times, the ring will have flaws because the heart diamond is difficult to shape.


This shape is wrapped in dramatic history. It was first invented during the reign of Louis XIV in the 18th century and he allegedly named it after Marquise de Pompadour, his mistress. The tapered cut is oval with rounded sides that are pointed at both ends. But there is now a modern version, which is hexagon-shaped and it can make the fingers appear more slender.

Wonderful Elements about Men’s Beaded Bracelets

Today, beaded bracelets are widespread. A lot of males wear men’s beaded bracelets regularly. However, they are not really aware that wearing one, especially the magnetic kind might actually enhance the general health.

Apart from that, it might be difficult to differentiate the magnetic bracelets from the type which is ordinary also. You might sit near a man on a bus and not notice he is wearing one of men’s beaded bracelets which are magnetic. This is because they might appear as just fancy accessories. There is a lot more to these pieces that are magnetic.

Benefits of Magnetic Men’s Beaded Bracelets

Enhanced Wellbeing

The main benefit of beaded jewelry in comparison to regular kinds is that it enhances wellbeing. Men’s beaded bracelets that are magnetic are believed to alleviate arthritic pain, enhance blood circulation, ease fatigue and reduce inflammation of joints.

When a man wears it on his hand each day, this can control his sense of being and harmonize things. In particular, he will feel more rested than usual.

Men’s Beaded Bracelets

For Treatment

Records indicate that men’s beaded bracelets that are magnetic have previously been utilized to treat patients. Throughout the globe, individuals with joint pain which is not severe have said that due to the jewelries, their conditions appear improved.

Together with the blend of healthy practices, these people note reduced aggression on parts of their bodies.

Great Gifts

Men’s beaded bracelets present ideal gifts for any event. Men simply adore it and the pieces are present in all dimensions as well. Normally, they are bands that are elastic, which can be tailored to fit. Men’s beaded bracelets can be shaped depending on your requirement.

Rather than spending on items like picture frames, figurines and key rings, purchase men’s beaded bracelets that are magnetic. It will definitely be worth it as this is something he is actually going to make use of, not simply display.

Simple to Afford

On average, the cost of men’s beaded bracelets is approximately $30 which is very affordable. There is a huge range of men’s beaded bracelets to explore. A regular design just costs $10.

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In case you prefer an item which is more attractive, jewelries are present, manufactured from pearls, tungsten and Swarovski. Their cost varies between $39 and $100 dollars.

As it presents a medical aid apart from just offering an accessory which is fancy, this will be worth the cash which you will spend. If your priority is buying men’s beaded bracelets, go through the huge variety available and select one.


Apart from them just being beautiful items to gaze at, these accessories enhance wellbeing and can be utilized to treat aches. Also, they offer wonderful gifts and are easy to afford.

Rather than investing money in regular bracelets that might cost a lot more, spend your cash wisely on men’s beaded bracelets that are magnetic, as they offer a lot of benefits.

As these accessories are better compared to any regular fancy product of this kind, you need to think of acquiring them.

The most awaited Engagement Ring designs in 2016

From the exquisite Solitaire to beautiful engagement rings of different colors, there are a lot of choices in the market to pick one. There are designs and styles that come and goes, but there are certain trends that stay for a long time and are known to stay forever. Based on the popularity of different styles and their demand in the past few months, here is the list of the trendsetters that have been in great demand in 2016.

Trend 1. Pear and oval shaped diamonds

Pear and oval shaped diamonds have been in great demand in the past few months. Both of them has a sparkly shine. The round cut and the shaped edges of the oval-shaped diamonds adds a touch of romance to them. They add uniqueness and a touch of confidence in your personality.

Trend 2. Double Halo Ring

Why just own one when you can own two? Halo rings for engagement have been getting popularity for years, so why don’t you just take it to a whole new level by having a double halo ring? The double halo ring has gained huge popularity because of its beautiful, exquisite design. The double halo makes the centre zone and the ring much more dazzling and appealing making it look larger. Don’t follow the same trend, stay ahead of it and gift yourself a double halo engagement ring.

Trend 3. Three Stone Ring

Three stone rings also known as the Bostonian ring has gained popularity like never before. The princess cut and the three stone layout complements each other and makes them compatible to fit with each other. They are available in a lot of shapes; you can go for the one that catches your eye.

Trend 4. Vintage style Ring

Finding a product that stands out of the box can be difficult, but when we talk of jewellery, switching to vintage designs gives you a very special feel. Vintage rings offer you with a wide range of filigree design along with a classic round and cushion cut diamonds. Because of the design and uniqueness, the vintage rings have become very popular. The vintage ring gives you the romantic details and the choice to choose what you will love to wear.

Trend 5. Gemstones with Diamond Halo

Colorful stones in the centre of the ring are coming back in the jewel world. The old and traditional diamond rings have been replaced by unique, colorful option. The engagement rings have started using emerald, sapphire, and rubies as the stones replacing the diamonds. But as we know diamond is the women’s best friend, ladies and girls still prefer sparkle in their rings. To meet this expectation, the gemstone of the ring is surrounded by a diamond halo that gives an eye catching and a stunning look. The size of the gemstone looks bigger due to the presence of diamond halo enhancing the beauty of the ring.

Trend 6. Rose Gold Bezel setting

The Rose Gold rings are known as ” this is it” ring for most of the women. The diamond is set with rose gold bezel making it look stunning. A bezel set in the rose gold is the best solution for the women who hates the jewellery coming in their way of a lifestyle full of adventure.

With the changing trends, these six types of rings have tried and maintained to stay in the list and enter the trendsetters list of 2016. Go and grab one. You will love it.

Fabulous Promotional Gift Ideas

If you’re at a loss regarding ideas for promotional gift ideas, don’t worry. Online suppliers of fabulous promotional gifts have a huge range of fantastic products. They offer the latest in designs, innovations and materials with gifts such as:-

  • Mouse mats
  • Mugs
  • Pens
  • Stress balls
  • Travel squeeze toys
  • Musical stress balls

Answers to your marketing problems

Don’t get too stressed out about marketing problems, check out a large stock of items available to order via the net. You can expect an excellent customer service when buying amazing promotional products from experienced online suppliers. There are many plastic promotional gifts like:-

  • Oyster card wallets
  • Frosty ice scrapers
  • Cutlery sets
  • Rulers
  • Block paper holders

These items can all have your company name and logo printed on them or any relevant information regarding your business. Great to give away at trade shows or exhibitions!

Take a good look at the promotional wrist rests, a novel gift in various sizes and styles. You can buy hard top gel wrist rests to soft rests. All products can be custom printed, again an excellent marketing tool to advertise your company.

Gift Ideaas

Printing on promotional items

Online gift companies also provide printing on promotional items. All you need to do is email your artwork either via FTP or on a CD. Remember to state the colours you require, fonts you prefer and style. Should you have any questions regarding promotional items or printing, give the experts a telephone call. An adviser will do all he or she can to provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

There are many benefits in printing on promotional products. This will help your business to:-

  1. Have increased brand recognition – however big or small your business is, business brand recognition is a must. Cost-effective promotional products will make your brand stand out from the competition while remaining in the minds of customers. By having promotional products customised via online specialists, a customer can use a particular item in his or her everyday life with your logo on it.
  2. Maximum advertising at low cost – if you’re on a bit of a tight budget, it can sometimes be difficult choosing the right type of marketing tool for your business. Promotional products tick all the right boxes and are an excellent value-for-money investment. A simple giveaway is a permanent way to increase customer loyalty.
  3. Alternative to business cards – while business cards are a good marketing tool, customised, branded and printed promotional products are more fun and creative. They can showcase your business as well as contact information. It’s often better using a promotional product rather than just giving someone your business card.

Begin your search today

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Irish-style Wedding Rings: Bring a Part of Celtic Past to your Future

Irish-style Wedding Rings  Bring a Part of Celtic Past to your Future

Engagement and wedding rings have become bigger and more expensive as time has progressed. Wedding rings seem to have lost all meaning in the rush to be bigger and better than one’s peers.  It is rare to see someone using family heirloom rings anymore. Bigger, better, and more diamonds is the quest of modern brides. It’s time to put the meaning back into these symbolic pieces of jewellery. Irish-style rings tell a story of the past, when marriage was forever.


The Claddagh design has a rich historic background, especially.  Each part of the collective symbol stands for something specific.  The heart, of course, symbolizes love.  The hands are meant to stand for friendship, and the crown is set atop for loyalty.  Three important aspects of marriage are represented by the traditional Claddagh design.  This design dates back to the 1700’s in the town of Claddagh. There are detailed theories as to the original artist and craftsmanship. As with many Irish traditions, Irish wedding bands have a long and detailed background.


The beautifully engraved designs are presented in a variety of precious metals to satisfy even the pickiest of brides. White and yellow gold mix on some of the rings to form a beautiful contrasting colour palette. The classic Claddagh design is one of the most popular renditions of wedding rings. Irish-style wedding rings are unique and are enjoyed by couples all over the world. Celtic symbols boast words of love on some of the rings.  Others can be personalised in ancient writing.  The warrior style is available for both men and women for those with specific taste.  All of the designs bring out the beautiful, mysterious history of the Irish homeland.


Irish wedding rings vary in style to meet the needs of the customer.  Some are classic wide rings with clear Celtic writing, while others are thinner to accent small, delicate hands.  On both styles, the engravings are beautiful and clear.  Bold or subtle, there is an Irish wedding ring just for you. The writing can be chosen from various styles or customized with your own words.  Couples can have a wedding set that is 100% unique by choosing their own engraving. Irish wedding ring styles can be customized for optimal beauty and meaning.

Make your engagement and marriage extra special and a little bit different with an Irish wedding ring. Take the materialistic attitude out of your jewellery choices. Choose something from the Irish wedding ring collection and enjoy owning rings with a meaning and rich background story. Not only are Irish wedding rings a great choice for a unique set, but they are also likely to be passed down through the family for years of enjoyment. Bring a new tradition home today with these classic renditions of the Irish past.