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Fashion That Goes Over-Head

For a woman being up-to-date in fashion is an inevitable thing. Her personality is weighed by how good she wears and presents herself in public. Perhaps, one such fashion trend that women all over the world are dying to update themselves with must be scrub hats. Scrub hats are basically used in operation theatres to cover the head of the patient. However, they’re quite a fashion statement. If the mundane green and white colours of surgical hats are replaced with vivid floral designs and patterns, you will have in your hand splendid accessories that will spice up your looks. Myntra have a big collections of scrub hats and other fashion accessories.

Splendid scrub hat models from Harmony Surgical Designs

Surgical harmony designs are evolving as a brand that is giving men and women a splendid way to dress up their heads. Not with hairdos, but with scrub hats that are exceptional in design and finishing. For women there are five different styles of scrub hats available: Euro, harmony Ponytail, Florence and Bouffant. There are also Christmas patterns and solid colours to match your daily wear. These hats are very stylish and they can make you look attractive at the same time.

Wide selection of unbeatable designs

Harmony surgical designs are constantly updating its inventory of scrub hats with great designs and prints that are rare and unique. They have a good pulse of what kicks in the urban scenario and how mean and woman would want to present themselves in public. With those ideas in mind, they unleash their creative talents with which stunning designs of women scrub hats take shape and form. Scrub hats are excellent ways to accentuate the style and look of a woman’s face and hair. If matched properly, they can bring out the true beauty of a woman that is not always portrayed properly. With the various designs available in the market, you can purchase the best one of your choice.


Scrub hats for men

Who said girls should all have all the fun shopping for great stuff? Exclusive collection of scrub hats for men offer a masculine way of displaying style and glamor. There are executive, urban, sports and many other scrub hats to choose from. In fact, funky designs are also available for men who want to show their eccentric style in full form. Men hats are of different designs than the women hats and they appropriate for various types of occasions. No matter what the occasion, there is a scrub hat to choose from. Sometimes, the design selection is just left to the wild imagination of the customer. One can mix and match any design or pattern to get the perfect style that will rock their looks. Give yourself a splendid fashion makeover with stunning scrub hats selection from Harmony Surgical Designs.

Ultimate Not-To-Do List for Avoiding the Prom Look Disaster This Year

Prom is one of the most memorable nights of your life but whether it will be remembered for being one of the bests or one of the worst depends on you. If you dress gorgeously and can carry yourself in an elegant and classy manner, you will emerge as a winner but if things don’t work out right, prom could totally turn into one of the most embarrassing moments of your life.

You must have thoroughly researched on all the ultimate prom guides and to-do-lists before the big night. But another list you must have in mind while deciding on your prom look is the Not-to-dos if you want to avoid looking the worst on that day.

Worry not, here we have prepared a Not-to-do list just for you so that you avoid making these disasters on the big night.

Don’t Overlook Fittings & Body Types

The prime focus on that day is on what you are wearing. So, don’t make a fool of yourself by wearing a dress that was not meant for your body type. We live in the era of the internet where you find various guides on the body types and what kind of dresses suit which body types. Read them and shop accordingly. If you plan to blindly follow the trend, then you will be making a huge mistake. What might suit a petite and slim body might not look nice on someone who is a little plump. You can find various kinds of dresses for all body frames if you search for the right site.

Don’t spend a fortune

Prom is indeed an important night for you but don’t get overburdened with this thought and spend a fortune on a prom dress. There are many shopping sites where you can find many stunning yet cheap prom dresses that will melt your heart. So, don’t incur a sky-high bill which will end your savings or require you to take a loan from your father and that too for a prom dress.

Don’t get Desperate for Attention

It is prom and you certainly want to grab everyone’s attention but do it for the right reasons. Don’t just wear anything random you find like wrapping yourself in the UK flag designed outfits or something overtly shiny which will blind anyone daring to look at you. At the same time, don’t dress up in an obscene or vulgar manner to steal attention. Try to look attractive and glamorous. Wear minimum makeup and style your hair in a trendy manner. Maintain the clear distinct line between a hooker and a high school student.

Don’t waste money on uncomfortable shoes

Prom is not just about grabbing eyeballs and getting bestowed with the title of the “Prom Queen”. It is also about a lot of dance and having fun at the end of the day. So, in trying to look all glamorous and fancy, don’t wear shoes with too high heels which will become a problem when you have to dance in them. It is best not to splurge on new shoes for this event. Wear a comfortable pair which goes with your outfit.

So, steer clear of these prom look disasters and say hello to some of the most wonderful memories which you will cherish for a long time in life. Have a great time and all the very best for winning the title of Prom Queen this year!

Author Bio: Claire Jones is a fashion blogger and here, she writes an ultimate not-to-do list which will save you from a prom look disaster this year. Look for gorgeous, comfortable and cheap prom dresses and become the prom queen this year.

10 Summer Dresses You’re Going to Love

Summer is right around the corner and we can’t even express how excited we are. It’s the combination of happy weather and fabulous fashions that have us looking forward to the new season.

Our fashion editors have picked their top 10 favorite summer dresses that you are absolutely going to love. Be sure to purchase these Summer 2016 dresses before they sell out. We have a feeling that they are going to be super popular, so get on it!

  1. C/MEO Collective Love Stone Slip Dress

You cannot go wrong with a fantastic slip dress this summer. Slip dresses are a huge trend this season and we love this one because it has a Sex in the City quality to it. Remember that sexy, shimmering slip dress Carrie wore? Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw with this fabulous design.

  1. Derek Lam 10 Crosby Cold Shoulder Floral Midi Dress

How pretty!!! This Derek Lam 10 Crosby dress is such a romantic and sweet piece. Not only is the print so lovely and timeless, but the shoulder cutouts are very of the moment and show off just the right amount of skin.

  1. Derek Lam 10 Crosby Flamenco Ruffle Silk Dress

All eyes will be on you when you walk into a room wearing this fierce number. The color is vibrant and lively, and we also love the ruffle details that give the dress a fun and flirty twist.

  1. Paul & Joe Sister Flowered Printed Crepe Meridienne Dress

So chic and retro, this Paul & Joe Sister design is a favorite of ours. Not only do we love the artistic print, but we can easily dress this up or down and wear it to a multitude of events.

  1. CO Ruffled Denim Dress

We are big fans of denim dresses, and this particular style is so easy to wear and comfortable. Bonus is that it is fashionable and perfect for layering over blouses and under cardigans. This is a dress style that we wish we could wear everyday.

  1. Finders Keepers Fly Away Mini Dress

The tunic dress is a fantastic style for all body shapes and sizes. For a fashionable embellishment, this white dress has lace-up sides that give it a bohemian look for an touch of something special.

  1. Tibi Amara Print Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Sexy and elegant, this green and cream dress is a winning design. The off-the-shoulder top will command everyone’s attention, while the bold print shows that you are a risk taker. Wear it with everything from peep-toe pumps to gladiator sandals.


  1. Karen Walker Equip Rib Dress

There’s something very Cruel Intentions about this rib-knit dress and we mean that in a good way. This figure-hugging dress is made with a rich blue hue and little stripe touches on the sleeves and hem.

  1. Karen Walker Kristall Halter Midi Dress

This fun frock is voluminous and super comfortable. And did we mention that it has hidden pockets? Definitely a must for this summer season.

  1. Karen Walker Pulsar Halter Dress

Sometimes it’s the most simple designs that really make a statement. This lovely, belted dress gives off a Studio 54 vibe that will have everyone taking notice of you.

Fashion Redefined: Jewellery to compliment your unique style

Wearing jewellery is a form of self-expression that reflects your individuality. Today’s fashionistas know how to combine the right jewellery to create their own fashion statement. Every woman should build their jewellery wardroom that has a really standout collection of items, in terms of value, texture, design, and color. Effortless accessorizing has never been easier, but this guide will help you to compliment your personal style every single time you wear it.


Casual yet Elegant Jewellery

  • Pendant necklaces are one of the ideal ornaments for casual looks. Casual pendants are available in yellow or rose gold, solid white, or studded with diamonds and a variety of other gemstones. Choose the one that makes you look elegant with all types of formal attires.
  • A pair of hoop earrings looks substantial, but still remains casual. Buy gold/metal hoops, or one embellished with colored gemstones. The size of the hoops greatly influences the look, so pick according to your face shape.

Statement Jewellery

When it comes to statement jewellery, nothing is better than bigger! Statement pieces are meant to be noticed. From bauble necklaces to chandelier earrings, statement jewellery gives you an instant gratification. The beauty of such jewellery is that one piece can make your whole outfit stand out!

  • Go for chandelier earrings for an evening event, as these will give you a finished look.
  • Chain bracelets with stones or double threat bangles are standout pieces that can reflect your personal taste.
  • Statement necklaces are known for their bold color, design, and much larger size. You can coordinate monochromatic necklaces with any outfit. Multicolored statement necklaces include multiple colors or gradients of one color. These necklaces can look perfect with a plain outfit. Whether you select bib necklace, geometric or irregular pattern, be sure to match it with your neckline.

Everyday Jewellery

  • If you want a jewellery wardrobe that you can wear for a lifetime, lazy jewellery lovers look no further than pendant necklaces. Long pendant necklaces are very trendy right now, and it is something you can wear daily.
  • Sleek gold or metal bangles can be worn single or layered with other bracelets to make a stackable statement.
  • After wearing linear stud earrings or single diamond/sapphire stud earrings, you’re good to go anywhere from party to formal meetings.

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 Personalized Jewellery

Personalized jewellery lets you reflect your unique style. Women love to feel special and gorgeous all the time. So all men out there! You can surprise her by gifting an engraved necklace or ring that is crafted masterfully and intricately with your name or special message. This gift can make any special moment an everlasting memory for both of you.

Get creative and get your style on with the type of jewellery you wear with your outfit. From classic to bold, you can accessorize yourself the way you want. A correctly chosen jewellery piece can transform your look dramatically and make you feel more sophisticated in every party and meeting. If want to express your bold side, wear bib necklaces with your evening dress. If you love a polished look, embellish your simple style with dainty ring and sleek necklace that speak your minimal style. However, you can also experiment with your accessories because they are meant to be worn and enjoyed. Just love the way you accessorize yourself! To buy artificial jewellery, you can use coupons for and get very affordable jewellery online.

So what’s your jewellery style like?

Urban Looks for This Summer

As the summer rolls around, you want to make sure you have your fashion picked out and ready to go. This season, an urban look is just what you need and with a good touch of that edgy fashion, you can trust that Robin Jeans are ready to deliver. Whether men’s or women’s fashion, this rock couture company offers some of the best urban styles that are sure to get you through the year and give you that unique look. This all begins by making sure you have a great pairs of jeans.

Shop Robin Jeans for Women

When you shop Robin Jeans for women, you will find that there are quite a few stylish options available. Most of these pants offers the signature Robin Jeans set of wings to help ensure you stand out from the crowd. More importantly, the integrate some of the latest fashion trends to give you that urban look you are after. Of course, since it is the summer you are shopping for, you might want to strongly consider some Robin Jeans shorts for women, as these are designed to give you that stylish look without being too tight. They offer that distressed look that you want and the signature wings on the rear. Not to mention, they are just the right length to turn some heads.

Robin Jeans for Men

Women aren’t the only ones who need to worry about style and Robin Jeans for men are just as great for the urban wanderer. Forget the plain old blue jeans this year and make sure to check out the wide selection of colors available right now. Robin Jeans is always thinking ahead, so their fashion styles tend to stay a bit longer than your normal brand. In effect, you get a great pair that should last you through the year. Naturally, they features all of the latest trends and even offer some shorts that will go perfectly in that summer weather.

Matching Your Wardrobe Right

Of course, Robin Jeans makes more than just quality denim for you to wear. Instead, they produce a wide variety of clothing and fashion accessories to ensure you get the look you are after. While a good pair of Robins Jeans for women might be a great way to show off your classy chic style, it also won’t do you much if it isn’t supported by the rest of your style. Similarly, Robin Jeans for men won’t make much of a fashion statement if you just wear a generic t-shirt, shoes, or polo. Instead, you need to look for ways to coordinate your outfit and get that true rock couture look.

Whatever you are after, you won’t find these fashion jeans in just your average department store. Instead, you’ll want to consult a specialty store that really understands fashion-forward thinking and is ready to deliver. Once you do, you can get the jeans you need and never worry about whether you have the right style again.

How to choose the perfect yoga clothing

Yoga has been in craze since and in the recent decade, people are rushing more and more towards it. While it provides a lot of benefits like peace of mind and increase in concentration level, it also helps in remaining physically fit. Various illnesses have been found to be cured by the yoga. However, an essential part is the selection of the yoga teacher and proper yoga clothing.

A yoga teacher teaches the proper mechanism and wide range of yoga techniques and the yoga clothing provides the optimum comfort to support the yogic mechanism. While we let it on you to choose your yoga teacher, we can certainly guide on choosing the yoga clothing.


The comfort should be looked first when it comes to yoga clothing. Yoga can be perfectly performed when your body is in synchronization with your mind and soul. While the bad clothing comfort may create issues like lack of concentration and discomfort, it affects the yogic process. The whole purpose of the yoga is to attain concentration more than anything. The comfortable yoga clothing that is loose and snug enough to support your body is recommended.


The fabric may vary from climate to climate as the yoga is suggested to be performed in the open air environment. Cotton is what is most suitable for most of the environmental conditions. However, if the clothing lets your skin breathe well and is not uncomfortable, you may opt the fabric of your choice.

Moisture Absorbing

During most of the yogic exercises, you may not feel sweaty as it is related to breathing exercises. However, in the movements and postures, the skin may release sweat, and the clothing should be capable enough to retain the enough moisture while absorbing the rest.

Light Colors

Light color materials like white, blue or just any other color that does not absorb much of the heat are suggested for the yoga clothing. The black usually looks attractive, however; it is the heat absorber, and heat may cause irritation and thus the lack of focus. It is highly advised to choose the smooth colors.

Full sleeves

Like rest of the body is covered with the clothing material, full sleeves are suggested, Full sleeves material often tend to protect the skin from the microscopic components that create irritation. Half sleeves won’t affect the overall yogic process, but a full sleeve yoga clothing can prevent unnecessary environmental effects on the skin.

Stylish Footwear To Stay Fashion

In the modern world every woman looking to stay in fashion and they like to select trendy items to express their personality. When come to fashion footwear is the most important factor because it helps to enhance your complete look. If you are looking to get high-quality footwear you may consider our exclusive offers. We provide wide range of footwear choices under different categories for both genders; even you have different choices to pick the most suitable footwear depends up on your needs. You can easily choose any footwear choices without wasting your time, in general online store highly beneficial and it is the best destinations for the people who need to get attractive and fashionable items.

Stylish Footwear To Stay Fashion

Delightful Choices:

Online offer endless choices and the footwear also available under different categories, even these are offer stunning look. Usually women like to choose fashionable as well as comfortable footwear to get fashionable look, finding the right kind of footwear always essential because it help you to look smart and it also give stylish look. At present most of the women wish to get heels to ass few inches to their height. Of course the flat footwear offers much comfort. There are different collections of footwear’s available for both men and women, while getting footwear you also able to receive discount coupons.

Day 9 - Street Style - Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016

Range of Colors And Design:

In general most of the folks looking to get branded stores, to get more attraction, the online store also offer branded shoes depends up on your specific needs, while selecting footwear you also  need to consider you exact requirements because it help to pick the right choices. Online store also offer highly reputable brands along with Daraz coupon code to enhance your comfort zone. Online is the best choices to receive high-quality branded items rather than it is the perfect platform to get most reliable as well as durable footwear. In order to choose the most suitable footwear you no need to take travel and you no need to stand in long queue because online always ideal to spot the exact need. With the help of this you can sport most suitable footwear within your home itself.

Stylish Footwear

Admirable Footwear Collections:

Currently you have chances to get all the items by using your mobile, even the apps also available to meet your personal needs, if you get the app you no need to worry about any factors. Moreover the online store also offers deals and discount facilities to enhance your comfort zone. The online stores deliver your favorite footwear at your doorstep, there are different options available to reduce the difficulties, and based on your needs you have chances to choose the best options.


Trendy Footwear:

Footwear is the most important as well as integral accessories, selecting the right pair offer much comfort, while choosing the suitable footwear you may consider certain factors, first of all you may choose the footwear based on your needs. Different footwear choices available for both men and women, in addition there are lot of choices available for kids. Hence consider to get the most attractive footwear collection. It is the great choices to express your style as well as individuality.

Types of Hats for Today’s Fashion

Hats for Today’s Fashion

Sometimes, a trendy outfit alone isn’t enough to make the right statement. While it’s important for women to support a particular look with matching shoes and appropriate make up, a hat can actually make you look classy and suave. It can make an underwhelming outfit look modish, or even act as a barrier against cold and heat. Some women wear beautiful fur hats or elegant fleece beanie hats to get protection from cold weather.

Hats have been around for a long time.  As time passed, hats became symbols of authority and status. In fashion terms, a hat is a noticeable accessory as it draws an onlooker’s attention to the face.

Hats were quite popular in the 1980s for special occasions like parties or weddings after the Princess of Wales, Diana, donned them to magnify her persona in the early few days of her marriage. Slowly, hats and headgears turned into must-haves and became a rage around the world. Hats are worn today by women of all ages. They make a fashion statement when worn to a dressy occasion such as a wedding or any other kind of sophisticated gathering.

It is highly unlikely that the hat is ever going to die as a fashion accessory as it can be carried off with different outfits in different styles. This is why fashion designers keep experimenting when it comes to hats and new styles keep getting introduced every now and then.  Given below are different kinds of hats that will definitely make you look chic:

The Wide-brimmed Hat

This is a solid black Audrey Hepburn-inspired hat which has ruled the fashion-world for years. You can also go for a casual look and opt for a hat made of felt or wool.

The Newsboy

As the name suggests, this hat was quite popular among the young boys who used to sell papers in the 20th century. In the present times, the hat is preferred by women at large due to its usefulness and style. Apart from providing protection from sun, its puffy top also adds youthfulness to the overall look of a woman.

The Beret

A beret is a kind of hat that can be used to cover the crown of your head. It is a soft hat which is usually made of wool, and can also be associated with French avant garde culture.

The Fedora

Though popularized a few decades ago, fedoras are still worn by many women around the world.  These are generally made of straw material and look alluring when worn with a plain dress.

The Bell or Cloche Hat

Cloche hats fit close to the head and have brims that fall down over the ears. These hats were quite popular in the early 1930s, but are still a fad among girls and women of all ages.

Hats have been preferred by women since long, and continue to grab eyeballs till date. If you have been planning you team your party dress with a classy hat, just go for it and get set to look posh.

Now visit for more outfit ideas and latest dresses designs with pictures.