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There is nothing that enhances the beauty of a woman more than does a traditional outfit. Although, there are a lot of options that an Indian woman can wear, there is something unique about kurtis. The first and foremost thing that will attract you about a kurti is its appearance. It neither looks too traditional nor too casual. So, you can wear a kurti to any occasion imaginable. Some women prefer to wear kurtis even while appearing for interviews. And trust this- they never look out-of-place, no matter where you were them.

Kurtis in different fabrics:

Another important thing that will strike you about kurtis is that they are incredible popular. Women in India wear them on almost every occasion. The reason why they are appropriate to wear on any occasion is that they are found in a number of fabrics and designs. Some fabrics give kurtis a rich look, which makes them suitable for parties and weddings. Velvet and silk are two of such fabrics. Even georgette and chiffon look amazing with heavy designs and embellishments. But if you are someone who prefers simplicity over everything else, then you will love cotton the most. Cotton kurtis are not only decent looking but also extremely comfortable.

Comfort level:

All kurtis offer comfort- some less, some more. However, for ultimate comfort, you should team them up with something hollow at the bottom. Although, most women wear salwars, you can maintain the same amount of comfort wearing skirts with kurtis. Now, wearing a skirt with a kurti has two major benefits. One, it offers you unlimited comfort. And secondly, it makes you look extremely appealing. Yes, you can do without looking your best, but can you do without feeling comfortable? Perhaps, not. So, buy short kurtis for long skirts and offer your body the amount of comfort it deserves.

Options at your disposal:

The entire market is flooded with different kurti options. You can find kurtis ranging in colours, designs, cuts and prices. So, no matter what your selection criteria are you can choose your kurti accordingly. There are many kurtis in the market that are meant for special occasions. You can buy one of these if you have some important event round the corner. And in case, you want kurtis for regular wear, you can go for those that come in simple designs and patterns. You can also find kurtis according to seasons. During summers, the markets get flooded with cotton kurtis. These kurtis are good because they keep you cool in scorching hot summer days. During winters, you can go for thick fabrics, which will offer you some warmth.


All in all, kurtis are for all seasons and occasions. You can opt for them without apprehensions. However, you should observe some precautions before buying them so as not to get poor quality stuff. Although, there are many ways in which you can assess the quality of a kurti, you should always go by your personal experience.