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Being a mother is the most delightful feeling that a woman experiences. An awry feeling, butterflies in the stomach and a bag full of mixed emotions, is what the mere ray of hope brings with itself. Nonetheless, prior to making any plans and travelling into your world of fantasized dreams it is advisable to consult a doctor and confirm the pregnancy. Besides that, we bring to you a possible list of early pregnancy symptoms that might be of some help along with at home pregnancy test checker.

The Bleach Test
The bleach pregnancy test is the home-made one stop solution and a pregnancy checker. This is the preliminary test and may not be 100% reliable. It is advised to confirm the results with the doctor timely.
All you need to do is to mix equal amounts of urine sample and bleach in a container, preferably disposable glass. Wait for five minutes for the result. If you witness a foamy substance followed by a fizz, you are pregnant. However, if no such effect can be seen, the results are negative. This is a quick solution, in case you don’t have access to the pregnancy check kit.

being a mother
Watch for it!
Often early pregnancy symptoms can be mistaken with the pre-menstrual discomforts that you face every month. However, these symptoms vary from person to person and differ in their intensity and duration. The list given below mentions the possible symptoms that you might witness and you are advised to consult your gynaecologist to be sure.
Skipped your period? A good news may be coming your way.
Your breasts answer most of your questions. As a symptom of early pregnancy, check for swollen or heavier breasts, this may happen due to hormonal changes.
Progesterone levels in the body rise during early days of pregnancy. This may result in excessive tiredness and fatigue. This may be accompanied by frequent fall in the blood sugar levels followed by low blood pressure. At times, you may suffer from constipation and often feel dizzy due to low blood pressure.
Spotting is common during pregnancy followed by abdominal cramps. This is unusual than your periods. Lighter in colour and may last for a shorter duration.
Fragrance may not appeal you during your early days. You may feel heavy in your belly due to risen levels of estrogen, followed by acute nausea.
Food cravings.
Mild headache due to aggravated blood circulation in the body.
The first trimester is the most hectic. You and your body are adjusting to the new change. Hormones in your body are at a chaos, playing around in your body. You may be prone to frequent mood swings with a basket of emotions.
Frequent urination.
Frequent rise in the body temperature.
You may put on few kilos during the initial period of your pregnancy.
Certain women may have lower back pains.
Darkened areola
Frequent vaginal discharge.

The symptoms discussed above are just a mere checklist before you actually visit the doctor to confirm the news. Pregnancy tests and ultrasounds would give you accurate results.