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Fall season is on our doorstep, which means that cool and rainy days are coming and we need to reorganize our wardrobes. It is a perfect time to find your fall clothes and shoes and put aside all summer pieces that can’t be worn anymore. If you were thinking what type of shoes you need to buy to stay fashionable, scroll down to find out! We chose 3 types of shoes you should wear this season: rainy boots, ankle boots and oxford shoes.

Rainy Boots

When we think about fall, we usually think about rain, so we all need to update our looks with a pair of chic rainy boots. They will keep our feet dry and warm always. You can find million beautiful designs, but the black ones will fit great with the most of your outfits. Some girls wear this type of shoes until they get to their destination, then they change them with some more formal shoes.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are fantastic choice for the upcoming season. You can find them in various styles: flat or heeled ankle boots and style them with anything you want. The cut-out ankle boots are very chic and will be a huge fashion trend this season.


You can find this type of shoes in variety of colors and patters. There are also designs with cute embellishments that will make your outfit more eye-catching. Loafers can be part of your office attire as well as for your everyday attire.

Oxford Shoes

This type of shoes look gorgeous when styled correctly. You can wear them with almost anything you want: jeans, pants, dresses and skirts. They can also math them with more classy tops and pants and wear them to work.


Pumps can be worn all year round and are type of shoes that will never go out of style. You can find them in many colors, but for this season, you can choose nude, red, brown or black pumps.