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Among all the greatest festivals of this world, Christmas is one of the much loved ones. The glamor and glitter added to this festival makes it a much awaited time of the year. The fact that it falls in the last chapter of the year gives an opportunity to folks across the world to plan for a stupendous holiday season. People greet each other with some amazing gifts and here today I would love to discuss about some Christmas gift hampers that may help you in formulating the gift ideas for your loved ones.


Candles and Roses

Candle is one of the finest things and these days some designer candles are available in stores that would definitely increase the glamor quotient of your celebration. Candles are also required to worship in the Church and thus your gift would be beneficial to your friends. You get many shapes of candles like spiral, cylindrical, cube, etc. Many fancy candles have fragrances in them and while some are floating candles. So, combine a few of these types along with a bunch of red n white roses. Red n white is the official color of Christmas and that’s why would be really appealing as a gift.

Tea Bags, Coffee Mug, and Muffins


Who doesn’t want to enjoy the hot mug of tea or coffee with sun rays at the back in a winter morning? As Christmas comes sin winters, you can very well opt for this gift option that would be well appreciated by your loved ones. Tea bags of many flavors like ginger, saffron, jasmine, rose, cardamom, fennel, and etc. can be included. Get a big personalized coffee mug and that would pamper the tea/coffee lovers the most. Now add muffins of various flavors like vanilla, chocolate, or dry fruits. The gift receivers cannot stop pouring words of praise for your unique choice.

Chocolates and Teddy Bears

What can be more relaxing that cuddling with cute and tender teddy bears and munching on some world famous chocolates? Big, medium, or small are the sizes of teddy bears to look out for. I would suggest a package of three sizes of teddy bears would be great with three boxes of three types of chocolates. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and fruit n nut chocolate can be selected. Or you may combine a box of assorted chocolates with a bouquet of small teddy bears. You can also get a bouquet of chocolates and match that up with a king size teddy bear. Sister, girlfriend, and kids can be the receivers of this type of a gift. So, select your option and send this Christmas hamper to Dubai suing any online shopping portal.

Getting a hamper of various things in one gift is always the smartest of all choices. Because you can show your multiple layers of love with each item in your Christmas gift hamper.